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  1. This stove has the shaker with the handle and I use only when I have the tube inside (left on the picture), I would fill the tube with coal and use the handle to turn the shaker around, that's an overkill for my shop and I used only a few times when the temperatures were really low. I though they may had some special tool for that kind of stove because the top can be used as a stove and we need to remove the top which is hot and then is a plate where I would think they would put the pots on top.
  2. I have the bucket and the shovel but I thought maybe they had anything else that would help moving the coals and open the door, I don’t think they used leather gloves 100 years ago to open the door , anyway this was the best thing I bought years ago, I use wood to start then 1 bucket of coal and lasts the entire day with my shop getting 70’s F. Actually I was trying to get an excuse to forge something.
  3. You guys have any idea what they used to mess around with this stove? Like moving the coal, open the door without getting burn, etc.
  4. My "garage" has wood floor as well I built as a shop ages ago before I was playing with fire but my propane and coal forge stay outside and I use when is not raining or snowing, the problem is the cold because the pieces cool too fast but I try to do all the working inside the shop (I have a 1900 coal stove inside) like grinding and any wood work.
  5. I had to try the blower at full force
  6. The flame was that high because I use wood/charcoal to start the fire I use anthracite and I need to start the fire with wood or charcoal but soon anthracite lights up and the wood/charcoal burns out then is like the last picture. The blower is attached to a 4" pipe separated from the main air pipe 6" in a T construction.
  7. Installed an inline duct fan and at max speed is almost a jet but and works really good as a bonus doesn't make noise which is a plus. Not bad update for $30 plus another $10 for the variable speed control.
  8. Where you buy hickory from? Can’t find anywhere in NJ, I made a viking axe and I end up using oak for the handle
  9. I saw a few in PA but that was the first one here in New Jersey and I reported to the state.
  10. Spotted lanternfly and they are messing around my fig trees, they are beautiful.
  11. I'm sure my pump (is a computer blower, DataVac duster) will overheat if I leave on low for too long but I bought a blower which I'm still waiting to be delivered which I should be able to use the variable speed control.
  12. I bought a variable speed adjuster from amazon and works really good, cuts the speed from a full blow down to 50%
  13. I did that and that was a big difference, now I don't have any problems to start a fire using charcoal and coal, the only problem is my forge is outside and I can't see the heat color and so far I melted a few metal pieces.
  14. I have a propane forge I built with 2 burners and will take a lot of time to get some metals yellow but others - rebar for example only orange, so I built a coal forge and I learned to not take phone calls when heating metal....
  15. I welded a plate on a .........harbor freight anvil
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