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  1. I had to try the blower at full force
  2. The flame was that high because I use wood/charcoal to start the fire I use anthracite and I need to start the fire with wood or charcoal but soon anthracite lights up and the wood/charcoal burns out then is like the last picture. The blower is attached to a 4" pipe separated from the main air pipe 6" in a T construction.
  3. Installed an inline duct fan and at max speed is almost a jet but and works really good as a bonus doesn't make noise which is a plus. Not bad update for $30 plus another $10 for the variable speed control.
  4. Where you buy hickory from? Can’t find anywhere in NJ, I made a viking axe and I end up using oak for the handle
  5. I saw a few in PA but that was the first one here in New Jersey and I reported to the state.
  6. Spotted lanternfly and they are messing around my fig trees, they are beautiful.
  7. I'm sure my pump (is a computer blower, DataVac duster) will overheat if I leave on low for too long but I bought a blower which I'm still waiting to be delivered which I should be able to use the variable speed control.
  8. I bought a variable speed adjuster from amazon and works really good, cuts the speed from a full blow down to 50%
  9. I did that and that was a big difference, now I don't have any problems to start a fire using charcoal and coal, the only problem is my forge is outside and I can't see the heat color and so far I melted a few metal pieces.
  10. I have a propane forge I built with 2 burners and will take a lot of time to get some metals yellow but others - rebar for example only orange, so I built a coal forge and I learned to not take phone calls when heating metal....
  11. I welded a plate on a .........harbor freight anvil
  12. That was the reason I built a coal forge because even if I use charcoal I'm able to get the metal yellow.
  13. For some reason when I post pictures using my phone they are sideways
  14. How can I make an air gate? The blower fits in the pipe and I don’t even cover with tape.
  15. Thanks I will take a look, today I tried the anthracite and my blower must be too strong because I broke off a piece of metal soon I hammered (too hot) plus I had trouble to get closer because the heat and all this outside with a nice temperature of 58F, my blower is for computers but is so strong I use to clean the floor of my garage.