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  1. So I ended up buying a 185# Trenton that was in an antique shop across the alley of my business! I paid $650 and it’s in really good shape. That’s $3.50 per pound so regardless, it’s somewhere to start without having to ship a new one. it was mounted on an old stump with railroad spikes, nice and wobbly. So I’ve got a new stump at my height and all my hardware to chain it down and get going. PS. Im in Iowa. thanks for all the help. All the links on this group are very helpful! zach
  2. Hello All! My name is Zach and I am in search of an anvil. Started with Google. Saw one at The Old Threshers Reunion in Iowa last week and didn't jump on it because I couldn't make out the make or size, and the face and a decent crater in it, so I didn't want to jump the gun and make a foolish decision. Online I found a variety of anvils. I'm gravitating towards Emerson or Scott, without the turning cams. I have a welding background and would like to expand my knowledge of ironworks. Hope you all can point me in the right direction for this anvil! My wife would be happy if I could find a used one for less, but I'm finding that these are pretty hard to come by....And if I did find one that was used, am I inheriting and mistreatment that will be unknown until it's too late? Or do things like dressing the anvil correct non-structural issues like that? Thanks in advance! Zach