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  1. Hi all, I have been skulking around the forums for a little time now, learning what i can. I am very much a junior blacksmith/bladesmith but am slowly starting to produce some blades and damascus. Its been a heck of a learning curve, but I am getting there. Anyway, the reason for the post, I have purchase a while a go a Evolution Evosaw355 Hoping to use it to cut steel plates for my projects. I have used it to cut some steel, which has been ok and recently tried it on the damacus billet. The billet was about an inch thick by 1.5" wide. Simply put, it struggled to the point that it wouldn't go through the billet at the end! The blade it comes with is a 355mm mild steel tct blade (66 tetth). My rather noob question is this. Is this the right blade for cutting damascus? Should I (could I) change it for a cold chop saw type blade? If so, which one? BTW I annealed the damascus - heated it, let it cool slowly in the air, before chopping it ! What a I doing wrong!!! Thanks all Doobs!
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