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  1. Can someone please inform me of what the numbers on the opposite side of the logo are? Seems like a date in the year 1944....and what are the three letters standing for above the numbers?
  2. Much appreciated dogblazer9598. And I wouldn't do such a thing, Irondragon. Taking your additional advice now...
  3. outyall got Hello everyone. I'm here today full of excitement and curiosity in hopes to discover the actual year that my Hay Budden anvil was born. He's been in my possession for well over two years now. I'm figuring he was produced toward the beginning of the company's thirty year run because the serial number is 5959. 98 lb if my eyes are serving me correctly. After several frustrating attempts to download the company's dated serial numbers from various ulterior motive driven websites, I decided to seek here the info I need tov further appreciate such a rare and timeless piece. Will someone be as kind to assist me in acquiring the knowledge I seek?