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  1. Well, reading the end of this thread made me feel like I was, oh, about 10 years old again, with my father slamming his closed fist onto the dinner table while yelling at me to "shut the xxxx up!". Takes you back. Good times.
  2. If you want equations to understand the flow, resistance, and overall fluid Dynamics of a ribbon burner, just look at the fluid Dynamics equations: v=Q/A, where v is velocity (cm/sec), Q is flow (mL/sec), A is area (cm²). Q=∆P/R, where ∆P is pressure difference (pressure beginning minus pressure at end), and R is resistance (see below next). R=8nL/πr⁴, n is viscosity of fluid (negligible, or 1, for gas), L is length of tube (cm), r is radius of tube. For ribbon burners, it is a parallel series of tubes, nozzels, etc. Point is, it's parallel. Now, the total resistance of a
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