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  1. Hello All! New member here and new to forging metal. My ultimate goal is to learn metalworking, being a blacksmith and maybe even become a blade smith. One step at a time. Over the past couple years, read all I could and scanned tons of websites to learn what to do and how to do it. My first attempt at a forge was the 2 bucket forge. Learned a bunch on what to do and what not to do! In the end, the forge ate itself and died a horrible death. Even the crucible I was using did not make it! Trying to use all the metal for green sand casting, only using aluminium and brass currently. So I started work on the second forge. Was able to find 2 old LP Tanks that I cut up to make the top and bottom. Added handles, hinged the top and made the tube for the opening (8" Sakrete form tube with a plywood base). The refractory is the basic mix (Portland cement, perlite, silica sand and fire clay) and has cured for well over 3 weeks. The wheeled cart is a 2x4 frame with a 1/2" plywood bottom filled with a mortar mix. Did use some Sakrete red color on the mortar mix. Going to clean up the edges! Cut two holes for the venturi burners. Went out today and got the 6"x1-5/8" round 1018 steel standoff. Not sure that is the name for what it does. Next is to make the second burner, mount them and paint the forge. Some questions that I would like to get good info about. The 1018 steel standoff, is that a good thing or should it be avoided altogether? The top of the forge is solid, should I make a vent hole in the top? What is the best way to monitor temperature? Where can I get some good tongs and pouring rig? What am I missing? Thanks in advance! Kevlar99