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  1. Thank you. Yes it was, probably worked a lot harder and burned more gas than I should. Guess a self taught education costs you in sweat and money. Seen your videos and subscribed. Take care and thanks again. True, just wanted to see what I could do with a hammer and chisel and how the metal moves. Will be firing up the grinder the next go around. Take care
  2. This is my very first attempt at forging anything. My intent was to make a hot cut . Frosty kindly pointed out what I made was actually a cold cut. Will be trying to make a hot cut again soon, this time with a little more knowledge than last time. Anyway here it is . 4140 pin used in heavy equipment.
  3. Sorry about that, I thought I put my actual location in the first time around, guess not. I am located in Alaska.
  4. Hello i am looking for a part for my blower. I am missing the top end gear box cover. Does anybody have one for sale? A quick search on google located quite a few #400 gear box covers, however nothing for the #40. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  5. Hello i realize this post is a few months old. I was curious if you made any progress on you #40 blower? I have one myself, unfortunately it is missing the gear cover. I am trying to track one down if you gave up on your project and looking to part yours out? I will consider selling you mine, I do love in Alaska shipping the entire blower out may prove a bit costly however. thanks
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