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  1. Sorry for the multiple replies. I’ve always tried to be punctual, try to figure it out for myself first before bothering someone else & when receiving help from someone to make sure to always thank them & try to return the favor. Kacy8261
  2. Thank you very much for your reply! I have edited my location and attempted to add a profile pic but I need to reduce size of file first. I also looked at the “Read this First” as well. I will attempt to comply with the rules set forth in said document. Thank you very much for your reply & information regarding my posted question. i have edited my location . Thank you very much for the information!
  3. Hello, I received this anvil and would like to know more about who made it, it’s age, the concave bottom and how the maker got it to ring like it does! Someone told me to drop a ball bearing on face in different places and see what kind of rebound it has.. It bounces almost back up to my hand! Maybe 85-90% of the way. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kacy8261
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