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  1. Hello all. Well I've been visiting off and on for 4 years now and thought it was about time I introduce myself. You can call me Jeff; I live in Washington state, no not in Seattle, and have been trying to learn to be a Smith over the last 5 or 6 years but life gets in the way. I have an 80 lb Peter Wright anvil, a post vize that needs a new spring and a new leg, and I have rebuilt my forge 3 times. What was a pile of bricks is now an old sink, a satellite dish and some fence posts for legs. I have 3 books on blacksmithing and developed a deep love of the trade. But I have done very little actual work, just a lot of reading and video tutorials. Anyhoo. I look forward to learning as much as possible from you all and I am excited to get back in the smithy!
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