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  1. Alright I guess using this forum is going to be more than I can manage. I'll close my account and look for another avenue to get the information I need.
  2. No problem there. I wasn't sure what the most appropriate place would be so whatever helps me get the best info is much appreciated.
  3. Good afternoon, I'm totally green. I'm planning to cast some parts I need and I need some advice. I bought everything I thought I'd need including a crucible. I mistakenly thought I could easily melt aluminum with a Coleman propane torch. Now I'm thinking I might need a forge, but the ones I saw in my price range are called coffee can forges and I don't understand how to use a crucible with them and it looks like they use a small propane torch like what I tried and failed with. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I have a crucible and I want to melt aluminum. I can't make a wood fire because I live in an area with very high fire danger so it has to be controlled with no airborne ash. Please keep in mind I don't know anything.
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