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  1. Gotcha, thank you Maxwell! Couple more questions, I'm going to line the burner openings in the chamber with refractory as well, does the thickness there matter much? And would it behoove me to shape the castable there into a ~12° flare for the burners?
  2. Hey folks, long time lurker first time poster. I'm about halfway into a propane tank forge build with a pair of 3/4" Frosty T burners and have been perusing IFI mindlessly for the last couple weeks absorbing all the information I can. I'm planning on following Wayne build guide, which is essentially a 20# propane tank forge with the flat bottomed chamber. The entire tank is cut lengthwise following a line drawn across the opening of the collar, which is roughly 1/3 from the bottom of the 7" dia collar circle. For the bottom "half," he advises to use 2 x 1" layer of ceramic wool then
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