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  1. Hmm any junkyard metals you'd recommend for hammers and such? Only really got scrap yards as my source of anything but mild steel
  2. Hello, so in my searches for "high carbon" steel I called a semi repair yard and asked if they had any leaf springs. They said they did and when I went to pick it up I got the leaf spring but I also got this It's almost a half inch thick in places and would probably work for hammers, and striking tools (alot of moving metal though). But I'm not really sure if it is spring steel
  3. Yeah I'll was thinking of moving it, it's just 110 lb... did you mean something kinda like this charles?
  4. Nah this is an addiction now, I can't leave. But my last forge post until I get my shop/buddy to weld me a forge table. Didnt take any pictures when I failed to start to the fire, but a new paper on fire in the stack is enough to start a strong enough draft to suck away the smoke. Was kinda blown away the pipe has that good of a draft.
  5. I'm back for the last time with my "permanent forge" A sideblast jabod with a chimney. works wonderfully can get welding temps with charcoal, didn't test coal yet. Only issue is the hotspot is a little small.
  6. Hello everyone, sorry again for yet another post. I sorta outgrew the rim as I found it was a little awkward to heat the middle of pieces, and the hearth was to small. I ended making this though after trying to modify the rim as much as I could, any ways to improve this one would help greatly. For the rest of the month I just plan on using dirt/what I have as I'm getting a rivet forge around the 30th or going to a metal Fab shop and getting them to build a forge table. Also it's kinda fun building forges out of 'mud'
  7. got a decent sideblast plan? could never get one to work (why i switched to coal) always to cold, burning to much fuel, ect
  8. ok so as long as i can get get a flap for that pipe i should be good? would propping a piece of flat bar under the pipe work for the time being?
  9. thanks again frosty. was just planning on using the endcap barely on until i could find a way to weld a flap on but that works alot better.
  10. here's the pictures i know its a little off still working on bending the metal out.
  11. Thanks the for the suggestions and tips frosty and Glenn. I ended up taking the rim and mounting it on a small metal side table, moulded the 'clay' to give it more of a rivet forge look. Instead of a muffler shop I went to Lowe's and got black iron pipe fittings and a flange. Will update with the pictures in a bit, gotta get the galvanization off the flange first.
  12. sorry for the double comment but I do have an idea now kinda, my friend has a metal grate table that i can put the rim on and cut a hole for the pipe with tin snips
  13. i know but im working with extremely limited tools so through my searching i found things like this and rather than go buy random metal tables that may or may or may not be galvanized and spend 6 hours cutting i thought id just use what i had around. would a brick layer on top work better with with a hole for the t pipe?
  14. oh xxxx wonder if i just have to scrap it then. i legally cant leave afire unattended here. so if i want to leave the yard or cant get someone to watch it i have to put it out. also i keep a hose on with a spray nozzle on just in case
  15. yeah im gonna put a metal plate on it and remove the wood middle bits. just taking time as i got no welder and angle grinder. those pre made firepot things are 400 minimum for me here ive searched high and low already. im kinda messy sorry, i clean up the area before i work usually just gravel under me (sometimes dirt). forgot to add just had to move there for the day, most of the time i have the forge in the middle of my yard and move the anvil into the shade throughout the day.
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