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    Fly Press Sizes?

    Here is an extract from “ link removed” How to estimate the fly press capacity Some fly presses have no number cast on the body. You can make an estimate of its capacity by measuring the diameter of the screw. See below. Size 2 to 4 screw diameter 44 mm / 1-3/4" Size 5 to 8 screw diameter 54 mm / 2-1/8 " Size 10 to 12 screw diameter. 64mm / 2.5"
  2. Love the letters. Have you done matching numbers?
  3. The container is steel so a mesh basket it is. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Made a set of 5 drifts in different sizes I used coil spring because I have plenty. Local off-road shop, upgrades suspensions and lets me take whatever from their scrap bin, these aren’t failed springs so a good source! After forging, moved on to hardening probably overkill for drifts but good practice. I have an oil bath of linseed oil in a section of 100mm x100mm square tube. When I quenched I dropped one of the drifts. Decided the easiest recovery was to bail out some and stick my arm in. Took the opportunity to fish out some nails I dropped last week. Arm is still a bit on the nose from the smell but the skin is nice and soft. Might use multi grips next time or better tongs.
  5. I made a gas forge from a 50 litre stainless steel keg from a defunct brewery. I had a gas forge using a 9 kg gas bottle but needed something bigger occasionally. I used a double burner rig, kaowool, refractory bricks for base and a satanite lining. Gets hot enough to forge and if I need more heat I close off some of the front opening. so far the only drawback is the weight I need a helper to swap the forges around as I use the same stand for both.
  6. Caotropheus My flypress came without ball weights also (where do they go?) I added barbell plates all I needed to do was file some corners into the holes and Bobs your uncle I have since added some more for grunt and it would be easy to swap for bigger plates. I put the securing bits on but it probably doesn’t need them, also added some rubber pipe insulation to save my head.
  7. Thanks, the leaves are starting to rust and aren’t very dark just poor photography.
  8. I have a Makita 9 inch angle grinder which I don’t like using because of the risk. I am using a smaller grinder with electronic braking, deadman switch and speed control for cutting and grinding and I have a bench stand for a smaller (100mm) grinder and wondered if there is a way of repurposing the 9 inch grinder. suggestions?
  9. I had a pretty ordinary gate, works well but I wanted to make it more interesting. I have four fence panels that need some character, any suggestions?
  10. I haven’t got a guillotine but have just made my first spring swage (for making grapes) and wondered why a spring loaded guillotine hasn’t been produced so that it is open while putting stock in?
  11. Sooty

    Fly press

    Very late to this thread but I have a S & B fly press with threaded hole in the ram. I borrowed a range of 7/8 bolts from a fastener supplier with different threads as I didn’t have room to use a thread gauge and didn’t want to disassemble. One fitted so I returned bolts got its thread name 7/8 coarse ..... can’t remember rest. Drew up a tool holder with a threaded end and 1” hole with locking bolt had it machined. Works a treat the tool holder cost about 2/3 what I paid for fly press but made it usable. Working on tools now and a stand for press. Cheers
  12. I filed some corners into some exercise weights. I already had them so no cost but they are easy to get. The barbell clamps secure them nicely. I am building a stand to get it off the floor.
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