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  1. Thanks much Frosty. Sorry about the late reply. I do A lot of travelling so I often lose touch. I think you hit it on the head sir. I have gotten too much information and that is cluttering up the a forge . That being said I need to re evaluate my plans and intentions based on some wants. 1) I definitely want to do basic blacksmithing. 2) I definitely want to forge weld and 3) I want to set myself up for success. That being said I will build smaller and simpler. I will attempt to get my forge size down from my original plan . I will send a screen shot once I get home. Thanks for getting my feet on the ground
  2. I am doing a lot of research on different types of gas forges and burners in hopes of coming up with the most efficient design in terms of fuel economy to heat out put. My plan is to make a blown gas ribbon forge first then build a Recuperative forge in the future. I am currently cobbling together pieces and parts to build my first forge. The shell is an old piece of 14" pipe with 1 /4 inch wall. It's about 20" long. I plan on a double 2" wrap of insulwool, rigidized and coated with one of Frosty's or Mr. Coe's ir coatings. The floor to be a kiln plate to impede flux issues. To reduce the interior volume , I am planning a movable rear wall . I plan on different length ribbon burners to handle the changes in internal volume. The recuperative forge I hope to build after is going to be of the Sandia type. I am having trouble finding solid information on this style of forge. I have seen mention of this on Ron Reil's site, but nothing other than some pictures and a brief description. My curiosity switch has been turned on. I am looking for as much information as possible. Thanks in advance for any and all advice. Rebound