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  1. Well, here’s some photos. I think the anvil horn is biased slightly towards the smaller width. The pritchel holes are much larger from underneath. Thrumcap
  2. Eventlessbox: sure. I’ll get that photo and one of the undersides of the Pritchel holes early next week.
  3. Drilled versus punched? Interesting, I’ll take a look. The squared side is what has me confused. I haven’t seen many anvil images like this and there is little documentation on Attwood I’ve found outside of AIA. ...After taking a look, it doesn’t look drillled. The hole in the body is larger than the hole in the plate. I’ll post a picture in daylight, I’ll have to flip the thing over. Thrumcap
  4. Hello, I have a largish anvil that I think is an Attwood. However, it has an interesting divot taken out of it that looks factory. Does anyone have an opinion on this, or any Attwood catalog info? thanks, Thrumcap