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  1. 127,000 tons of the stuff. Timothy McVeigh only used 4 tons of it when he blew up the Murrah building here in Oklahoma City. That was some scary explosion in Beirut!!!
  2. Well, they were complicated for me. They aren't pretty, but they danged sure work. Started with 3/4" sq bar, 8" long for each half. That's a piece of 3/4" bar in the jaws. They securely hold from 5/8" square to 1 1/4" square............and the same with round. Top jaw is split like a snake's tongue. I'm happy with them and they'll fill a gap I have in tong sizes. Reins are 16". These sure do make a guy yearn for a power hammer!
  3. Gotchya. I try and make everything I create...........no matter the end use...........to be a bragging piece. But that doesn't always happen. When it doesn't, it reminds me of what my old furniture making mentor told me. He said something along the lines of "The reputation of a furniture builder isn't based on how 'perfect' every piece is, it's based on how professionally he can cover up his mistakes". I've seen a lot of dovetails cut by well known historical furniture builders that have a "sliver" spacer in them to make the joint tighter. Good materials were too precious to scrap because of a minor slip with the chisel. Quaker furniture builders would always have a minor imperfection in their work...........even if they had to put it there intentionally, because only God is perfect.
  4. I'm beginning to realize that, Thomas. I've been so hung up on the "traditional" that I failed to realize blacksmiths "of old", as well as modern blacksmiths are just people who seem to find a way to "git'er done" no matter what it takes. "The end justifies the means", I've come to realize. So I don't feel so guilty when I have to reach for a file to get rid of something "in the way" when checking the function of new tongs. It's quicker than firing up the forge and hammering the offending bump out of the way.
  5. It can be corrected at the anvil....................but a good file does a great job also. Just get rid of the offending metal.
  6. I was just teasing, Thomas, (of course I'm sure you knew that) because Carhart Bib's are what I wear at the forge.
  7. Takes a good man to stand up like that. JB Weld has saved my bacon more than once. I've been known to replace holes in things like that housing with it. Get either the inside or outside of that gap bridged by cutting up a pop/beer can and using it as a backing. Then lather the JB Weld in and wait for it to set up. Then get out your grinder and grind out what doesn't look like blower housing. You'll have to get the housing sparkling clean before you start. Mix up a quart of ATF and a quart of Coleman camp stove fuel 50/50 and then add a pint of SeaFoam. Put that housing in a bucket with that mixture and leave it for a week or so. It'll come clean. Then you can make it new.
  8. It's lookin' good, Jennifer. Projects like that go slow when you're working by yourself. I know........been there done that, pretty much all my life.
  9. That's a great suggestion, Frosty. I wouldn't have thought of that. (of course, I'm not a great thinker!)
  10. Very interesting. You may think you have adequate ventilation, but it sure doesn't sound like it. Just my opinion.
  11. To whom are you directing that bit-o-wit, Thomas? I can't keep up with you...........much too fast for my feeble ol brain.
  12. I try not to use Bezo's subversive website any time I can keep from it.
  13. I've been considering building one of the "washtub" forges myself. But I find your comment about the gas forge scaring the dickens out of you interesting. What about the gas forge scared you? Good suggestions Glenn. I'll keep that in mind if I ever get around to making one of those solid fuel forges myself.
  14. Some of dese here fellers know more words than a cat has hairs on it's body. Me, well........... my vocabulary is numbered more like a cat's whiskers. So Webster is my friend.
  15. Heck all this time I thought you were just one of those dumb 'ol blacksmiths in bib overalls. Didn't realize you were a plumb intellectual type!
  16. Wow, are we a bit edgy today? You might want to listen to Thomas. He's most likely forgotten more about blacksmithing tools and equipment than you'll ever know. His advice comes with a WHOLE of of experience and is freely given when asked for.
  17. Абсолютно красивая работа. (Absolutely beautiful work.)
  18. My Doc put me on Metformin because I was borderline diabetic. Messed my guts up something fierce. Finally took me off of the RX and just told me to watch my sugar intake. Told her I would................I'm a sugar-aholic, so that's not easy to do.
  19. See if you can locate some Pecan or Bois d'arc. (Osage Orange) The latter of the two would be preferable if you can't find Hickory.
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