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  1. This is such a laid back forum most everyone just goes with it and has fun. It'll get back on track if Wrickm didn't get his question answered. Chris
  2. ??????????? You bought it. You should know what it cost! Good lookin' hunk of steel, by the way. Congrats! Chris
  3. Super! Really happy for you. I know you must be excited. Looks like you found yourself a real some accessories. What more could a guy want? Now I'm just going to go out back and shoot myself. Just kidding, of course, but seeing all of these beautiful anvils finding homes is driving me nuts. Mine is just around the corner, I just know it. Chris
  4. Do you just use regular fire brick when doing that, Frosty? Chris
  5. Me...................happy??????? You're being facetious, right? Chris
  6. I'm speechless. Fascinating to watch what you do. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
  7. When I get to forging, I'll probably try my hand at a lot of things I've seen made here on the forum. I'll just try and sell what I can. I'll check with my friend when I have 5 or 10 "liquor store items" and see if he's at all interested.
  8. I fully understand not selling too low. I sold high dollar furniture for 17 years. I truly "get" the concept. But I don't do craft shows. Don't have a forge to take anywhere with me or any kind of a portable stand for my anvil. I'm just not set up for craft shows, Frosty. Whatever I end up deciding to make, I'll have to make here at home and take somewhere for the final sale. I can no longer take the heat we have in Oklahoma during typical craft show times. I did them for 5 years and it darn near killed me..................and I was 25 years younger.
  9. I imagine you could recess it in your table and use it to help when you punch holes in things. Just as you would a Hardie or Pritchard hole. The end would have to be ground smooth, though. You might get some good ideas from this thread that Charles started. Chris
  10. Good point, pnut. But I don't do craft shows. Chris
  11. Good idea. But use the larger piece for your main anvil mounted vertically. You want as much mass directly underneath the blow of the hammer. Even using a large (largest you can find) sledge hammer head on end will make a good hammering surface. With the RR track on end, you not only have that larger surface from the face of the track, but you have some good 90 degree edges, though too sharp (but they can easily be relieved with a file........but not too much) to make your 90 degree bends. You'll want those for example when you make tongs,. Chris
  12. Cool! But I believe you'll get more use out of it if you stand it on end. Chris
  13. From what I keep seeing in videos and pictures, one needs something about 6" x 6" or 6" round and about 3" deep. is that about right? Chris
  14. I haver a friend who owns two liquor stores. I'll approach him with some samples. Any suggestions what I need to get for the so he still has room for profit? Chris
  15. "Feedback" is a fairly common problem with hearing aids. It's gotten better over the years but when you go to hug your honey and their head is next to your ear, you get that screaming. It's a hassle. Take care of your hearing..............aids will never get you back to normal.
  16. Yes, 'ol deef one! Funny what you can hear when you can hear "again".
  17. Les, I will put his entire family on my list. I'm headed out right now to ring my anvil 3 times and send a prayer.
  18. I literally hate hearing aids, Daswulf...............but I hate hearing protectors even more. I sweat profusely under them. Going to purchase a pair of these for forge work. Chris
  19. Hmmmmm. Will be watching your progress with this little forge. Chris
  20. Oh, I can clearly see what you've done. Pretty slick idea. Certainly different than most I've seen. I had been thinking about the same thing Frosty mentioned............the horizontal 55 gallon drum.............only I was going to use a 30 gallon oil drum. I just haven't decided what to use for a tuyere at this point. I keep hearing comments about large truck brake drums. Chris
  21. Young man, you ought to try wearing hearing aids! Unless they are the $15,000 kind, they don't work much better than my Great GrandPappy's ear horn! Chris
  22. Don't know why I've just now noticed this thread, but thought I'd tell you I'm impressed with your forge. Been trying to figure out what I want to do about a solid fuel forge after I get my propane forge finished. I like your concept. Chris
  23. That's why I sit in the bedroom watching them on my Nook...........using earphones since I'm too hard of hearing to hear the audio. Gittin' old ain't fer sissies.
  24. Ha-ha, Daswulf, my little wife says I'm addicted to IFI !!!!! Here and an hour and a half of on-line blacksmithing videos most every night are where I'm learning all about this stuff you guys and gals do so artistically. Hope I can get there some day. If I don't, it won't be for not trying! Chris