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  1. I was doing good on my piece of rail. Learning as I go. I had feelers out for an anvil but no great search going on. What I found myself missing was the hardie hole. I was in the process of figuring out how I was going to get one on my rail. There were a good number of shapes that I wanted to try out and my vise isn't up to a heck of a lot of pounding. When this anvil popped up pretty much out of nowhere I just couldn't pass it up. -Bill-
  2. Thanks for the help guys! I ended up going over there and looking at it in person. It was older than it looked in the picture, had a nice ring all over the face and the rebound was 65 to 70%. The seller came down to $200 so I went ahead and bought it. I'm sure looking forward to "warming it up"..
  3. I have been hammering away on a piece of RR track for a couple of months and making some headway with learning. My home made forge is working out well but the track is a bit of a pain to work on. I have been keeping my eye out for an anvil and this one popped up. I'm an absolute beginner here. I've done a lot of searching and reading but I could use help on this anvil. I just don't have a good feeling about it. I know the steel ball test is more or less the final word on these things but it is a good distance away and I would like not to waste a trip if it is an outright loser. My first thought on it was Indian but the seller said it says "Japan" on the side away from the camera. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Wanted to say "Hi". I'm just starting blacksmithing as a hobby and really love all the information here. I have been retired for a few years and money is a real issue for me as it is for a lot of people. I live in a very rural part of California in the mountains East of Bakersfield and resources are slim. I enjoy working with my hands and am a competent welder. I am in the process of putting together a gas forge using the 8 or so K26 fire bricks that have been sitting on the shelf in the back of my shop, and a home made propane forge burner. Fortunately we get home delivery for propane. My anvil is a 50 lb Harbor Freight special which I realize is not at all adequate. It's either that or a 2 foot chunk of rail. I should be able to pick up some side work cutting weeds this summer and am keeping my eye out for a decent anvil. Man, those things sure have gotten expensive, but you never know what you can come across. Anyway, thanks for a great forum and all the information. -Bill-