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  1. I have an abundance of 55 gallon steel drums but they have an epoxy liner because the stuff that was in them before was not so friendly (I've gotten them all cleaned out from that crap) but i was wondering if anyone has had issues like this??? i know that it is inert and isn't really harmful but that was in reference to smokers and forges get a bit hotter so i was curious. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Ive seen a ton of side draft hoods with a slope under the shelf towards the back. Is this necessarry? Or will a simple flat shelf suffice?
  3. Its a small charcoal forge and i can put in a rooftop vent if need be. And by windows its going to be a shuttered hole in the wall where the current windows were.
  4. It has windows. The picture only shows 1 but theres 2 more
  5. So, as a railroader i have to say dont pick up anything around tracks because it is actually a felony but there aren't many railroad cops and just dont try to sell any of it as scrap ever. Also, there are a few points for consideration there. Yes, the scrap from refurbished is processed but you wont be able to buy it until its processed into stock so you wont save any there. Those big flat plates are called tie plates and they are tempered and the used ones make awesome striking anvils for lots of heavy work. If you happen to "acquire" some spikes and stuff its a great idea to show it off after you've moved the metal into a different shape but not before. Used rail is waaaay better for small anvils than new rail because of work hardening. Last but not least a lot of railroaders love seeing stuff made from spikes. Hope this helps in some fashion!
  6. this summer im going all in on a permanent set up for my forge. Here's my laundry list of things im gonna do: -Build a wall in the gap from that large old door. -rip out the 8" chimney and replace with a 10-12" one. -mount my anvil stand to the floor. -pour concrete underlayment on the floor to provide some fire retardance for the eventuality that i will drop hot metal. -install new outlets and a light. ‐build a mounted box bellows because forge blowers are expensive. -build a solid workbench in the back right corner you cant see in the picture. -build a side draft hood for aforementioned forge. This is what ive come up with so far, any suggestions? P.S. The space is about 15'x15'
  7. So, a thought popped in my head while driving home today. In fantasy settings is often portrayed as dwarves using volcanic lava or magma as their heat source. Is this something that, in theory, could be possible?
  8. If you are looking to remodel, pink panther has an insulation that is flame retardant and sound insulating which would help a lot. Also look at your ceiling structure. Your anvil size and its mounting will have a big impact on this as well.
  9. Ok ive actually got an old grill i was going to use but ive been having a hard time finding refractory cement
  10. Thanks everyone. I'll start looking for some jointed 6" i can put together.
  11. Made some improvements to my portable set up.
  12. I have a small shop im putting together and it already has double wall chimney going out through the roof and no bends. I need to figure out if i can go single wall down to the hood and also ideas for a hood. I dont have the tools to weld so a lot of it is gonna be rivets. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just signed up. Been interested and researching blacksmithing since i was 12 and now I've finally made that real. Im just getting started but i can't wait to progress.