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  1. STOP! Read what you just said!

    And wah-la grind in between and final the edge and handle and there's a knife finished hopefully all by using a forge and belt grinder etc. Rey

    :mad: First: Can you forge a tapper? Then can you make a hook out of it? And not in ten heats ether.If not then how are you going to forge a knife? Wah-la... Stock removel? Cool..You know that when you make your blank you have to cut it out. Wah-la... With what? A grinder belt?

    Look as Thomas Powers said. GET SOME BOOKS. Read them then come back and ask the right Qustions. True
  2. This last Friday My son and grandson went to a Steam Show.On the way we stooped at a shop had a lot of stuff in it. low and behold I found two vices and a reduction gear box 12:1. All for $100 :D. The reduction box is going to turn my treadle wheel.Then we hit the Steam show. My son was like a six year old. Makeing him just 5years older than his son.LOL. We had a grate time, then I found the market of markets (see I don't get out much) Not even past the frist vender and I was the kid in a candy store. Looked around some and Then i headr some one clling my name true ho true come over hear and tuch me hold me get me HOT! A FORGE!! I feal in Love. She then said that I could have her. The better half might have somthing to say I thought to my self. And I got her with two fans. For a $100 I think I did all right. The green vice has Cole Tool MFG & Chicago HTS Ill.







  3. To all, I do thank you. I got a suppose in the snail mail the other day."though we have never met you are a fellow black smith therefor you are a brother god bless your recovery." That has given me the hope of men. I know now that bounds are truly given free. William thanks. I have much to be thankful of now.And Glenn Thank you for this site. I do fell that i have been given a new chapter of life.
    Thank Y'all much.

  4. True wanted me to let you guys know that he is back in the hospital. Went back in late last night. Same thing, the pain just is not going away. The room # is 626 218-829-2861.
    Sure hope he gets well soon. Thanks Guys....Beth

  5. Hey Everyone, True wanted me to let you know that he has not left you guys. He is in the hospital with Acute Pancreatitis. He will be home hopefully wednesday. If anyone would like to givr him a call the # is 218-829-2861 room 621. Thanks...his other half Beth

  6. 13921.attach
    The burner works as you can see. but when I set it up on the forge it pulsate and I have know idea what to do now. here are the #s. burner 2 1/2" at top. tube is 1'X14" I have used .045&.035 tips. the forge is 10 1/2X10 1/2X5 1/2"




  7. Glad you asked, I felt that the sidearm was not big enough 11/4 to3/4. You are right on the tuning. The the hole was not dead on. So I need to change that. This one is all turned. the next one will be like one of yours "T" 1" oh the jet is .035. I will work on the sidearm too.
    Frosty I found one that was necked down some just after the taper.The other one had a cone shape in the tube. What say you about that stile?

  8. I can't say (In order to fix this can I just reheat to weld temp and give it a smack to re-weld?)what I would do is make sure you flux real good.I have not done this in a open heat, it's all ways closed oven. When I do this it is under perisher. Clamp, two stainless steel plates, A x B X C ? two to four bolts SS. then heat soak. Copper and like metals are way diffrent than steel. and when combind the melt temp changes.

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