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  1. I have had some feedback from another forum and I’m being told it could be a Dillon Precision ingot mould. From what I can see they predominantly make ammunition though.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. We’ve decided to hold on to it for now and see if it gets some use. I have another quick question though... I have also found this item hidden deep in the back of the shed and not sure if it is also used in metal work. Has anyone seen anything like it? Also very heavy like the anvil.
  3. Thanks for the reply BartW. I wouldn't know where to start to answer your question though. Saying I have any knowledge of anvil's would be an understatement. It weighs a tonne and I'm not sure how to tell if it is made from cast steel or cast iron. When hit with a hammer it does still make a nice ring.
  4. Hi all, While having a shed clean out I found this old anvil. I was hoping I might be able to get some history on it and what it's approx worth may be. I have been told that it is only scrap value as the Hardy hole end is broken. Not sure whether it's worth holding on to or not. The words HARDWEAR 1/2 are on the side however I cannot see any other makers marks or a weight. Any advice is appreciated.