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  1. I havent beem to see it yet. Only found the advert the other day so cant confirm the weight. Initially im looking to forge knives. Lnce i get better ill try bigger things.
  2. Is a 26kg anvil a good anvil for a novice? I have the option on buying one?
  3. I dont have a set fuel, both is easily accessible. My plan is to eventually forge in my garage. Ill have the forge at the back with the.garahe door open for ventilation. I have access to your common tool box with family.members having more sophisticated tools. I have a basic skill set but again my father in law is pretty handy.
  4. Yes please if you wouldnt mind
  5. I meant in terms of the filling of the bowl
  6. So cut a hole in the side amd put the air in that way?
  7. I am hoping to end up with something similar to this.
  8. I see. In terms on the whole of the bottom of the bbq, would i need to cover it? Im guessing i could weld a piece of sheet metal to reduce the depth and then clay that?
  9. I was quite keen to try and use the bbq as its on wheels which would allow me to move it about. What about if i build it up so it wasnr so deep.
  10. Yeah, i found the thread after i posted this. Thanks
  11. Hello all I am new to blacksmithing. I have an old bbq that i was planning on converting to a forge, i have put some pictures below. At the bottom is a hole which was used to brush the charcoal through once it had been used. My plan was to clean it out and put clay around the inside as im not sure if the metal is good enough to withstand the heat. With the hole at the bottom, i was going to use this for my air flow. However, one concern i have is used charcoal falling into the tubing. Has anyone ever converted one of these to a forge. Any advice/tips would be appreciated.
  12. Hello all I am from the UK and completely new to blacksmithing. Its something i have wanted to for ages and i have finally booked myself in for a taster session. I have a garage which is currently not in use so will be aiming to change it into a forge. Im sure ill ask loads of questions so ill apologise in advance. Thanks James