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  1. Well steel is kinda easy to get my hands on i work in a steel stair and rail company and am allowed to ask for steel scrap as far as i know its all structual steel... i forget the steel type but ill ask so melting steel for the most part.
  2. Had no clue about them greatly appreciate that and will check that forum here shortly thanks greatly.
  3. I was told it was called a pike anvil its called a stump anvil. But im trying to cast a anvil horn to weld onto a 6"x4"x1" plate, weld that to a solid post and wedge as a alternitive anvil till i can afford one Note : not my photo
  4. Hello, I am a new blacksmith looking to make and cast multiple peicese of artwork. So blunt side can you cast a anvil horn? I have a 6x1x4in plate i want to turn into a pike anvil.