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  1. TP, I do understand what you mean but everyone is different.. people have different ways of learning .. some learn by hands on, some learn by reading, some learn by looking at charts and graphs and some learn by having someone explain things ... cause our brains work differently... I’m not so young and I’ve read all the LOTR books and HP books and GoT books .. I enjoyed them but I always enjoy the movies more because I’m a visual person , when I read books my imagination isn’t that strong it’s hard for me to visualize what’s happening but when I see the movies I’m emotionally involved and that’s just how I am, again not undermining the books , they are wonderful but I always enjoy the movies or tv adaptions better
  2. Thomas, GoT, Forged in Fire, The Last Kingdom, And Vikings are the series I watch that have helped my inspiration and passion grow, but I’ve had the passion before I started watching tv and movies
  3. I don’t watch LoTR I wouldn’t know lol
  4. I haven’t seen anyone with a Valyrian sword sharpening it.... I am glad to see everyone posting here and meeting everyone! I love all the information and advice! I don’t know enough to go to search for tools/materials in my own cause I have no idea what I’m doing so I’m going to search for someone in my city to go with me so I get what I need
  5. Why fits??? Ah yes Oathkeeper which is now wielded by Brienne of Tarth, and Jon Snow also has a Valyrian sword ... I just remember when Jon Snow had the sword “needle” made for Arya, brought tears to my eyes
  6. Excellent tips! Safety is always my priority! I don’t think so, haha, Valyrian Steel is a type of steel in Game of thrones series, which is beautiful, strong and has magical properties. There’s only a few swords made of this steel in the series.
  7. Excellent advice again! Thanks Glenn!! Can’t wait to get started !
  8. Wow you guys are so helpful! I’m so appreciative of all the wonderful advice! I live in an apartment and work so I don’t know about driving to classes as a vacation, but I do have a a few ideas for places to work which hopefully work at. Currently I have no tools are setup I am just starting this journey into blacksmithing from the smallest baby step... which is why I researched these forums, to get advice on what tools to get and where from, and you guys have delivered! I will also look into the bladesmithing classes though Texarkana is 3 hours from me, perhaps I can research more resources closer to me. I suppose my first step is to find a place and aquire the tools I need to start.
  9. Thanks everyone! I hope to one day be able to smith swords, would love to make replicas of Viking and Game of Throne swords and daggers!
  10. Charles, Thank you so much for the helpful information! It’s kind of intimidating/difficult to start this journey alone but advice like yours will be valuable!
  11. Well Austin is a 4 hours drive so don’t think I’ll be traveling there haha, but yes I’ll be reading through the forums definitely!
  12. Fort Worth. Thank you for the introduction link.
  13. Hi everyone. My name is Abby and and I am really interested in blacksmithing and didn’t know where to start so I’m just here to learn and hopefully find someone in my city who can help get me started :)