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  1. Beaumont Metal Works 2x72 grinder. Got it for free. Guy said it pops his breaker every time he turns it on. I'll see what I can do with it. Can anyone suggest some good belts incase I get this working?
  2. ThomasPowers, I guess the way I was thinking is the Refflinghaus is both hard, HRC 59, and tough as I have read multiple times how chip resistant the edges are. Was using one term to describe both. As I said, learning more each day. Thanks for your input.
  3. Thanks for the continued help and advice. After more research I think I have decided on getting a new anvil. Fontanini, Holland and Refflinghaus are the 3 I have narrowed down to. I really like how the Fontanini is set up. Horn and hardy to left, upsetting block on near side, side shelf on far side. I like the steel Holland is using and they look fantastic. I like that both these are American made and more affordable. But I have to say, the Refflinghaus #58 is absolutely gorgeous. Their toughness, edge chip resistance and rebound are second to none as far as I can tell. They are more expensive but will I really miss that extra 6or700 dollars in 15, 20 or 25 years? I guess my main question is, am I too hung up on the toughness of the Refflinghaus? Is the difference between HRC 52 and 59 that big of a difference to justify the extra cost?
  4. So I contacted the guy to buy the anvil and it sold 2 hours before I called him. The search continues. Will be contacting Holland to see what they have.
  5. That's what I was thinking. Its certainly more anvil than I need now but I don't think I will ever out grow it. I can move it, it will be setup in a dedicated 12x16 shop and it will hold/increase in value. As far as shape goes is was really wanting a double horn. So still looking at Kanca or Holland. Researching Holland has been a bit challenging as I don't have Facebook. Cant seem to find a website carrying their anvils. Guess I'll just contact them through here. But I am leaning towards getting this Fisher.
  6. Thanks all. There is similar damage on the table as the horn but I'm not worried about that. As you said, that's what it's there for. The guy is firm on his price, not in a big hurry to sell it. And yes, there are very few old anvils in good condition in my area(central Ca). I was pretty set on a new 165lb Kanca but with tax and shipping it wouldn't be much cheaper than this. I know right now I don't need an anvil this big but I figure this anvil will serve me the rest of my life. I've only been at this for a couple years but I'm at my forge a lot working on 2 small homemade anvils. Really enjoy it. Can you have too big of an anvil? If I passed and went with a new anvil what would you guys recommend in the $1500 and under range?
  7. Brand new here. Thanks for any input. Thinking of purchasing this anvil. It is a 300lb Fisher. Rebound is fantastic and top plate is quite thick. Does have several chips along the edges but still a lot of clean edge. Also has a small chip in the face. That's the rusty looking spot in the close up of the hardy. That surface rust wiped off with my finger. Also the horn is really beat up, lots of long dents like it was used under a cutoff tool. (Is that something that can be repaired?) The guy is firm at $1500. Looking for opinions from more knowledgeable folks.