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  1. Hello Tristin and welcome to IFI. I also would be curious whether your knife was forged or stock removal. Nothing wrong with either one, just wondering as I have never made one by stock removal.
  2. Welcome J. One of the things I really appreciate about blacksmithing is the ability to make a lot of my own tools. Making stuff to sell or give is great but out tools become extensions of ourselves. Seems to me anyway.
  3. A very happy 94th birthday to him.
  4. Welcome aboard Cole. I`m pretty new here as well. What drew me to the forum is the vast amount of know how here. I have been studying lots of said know how and have lots yet to absorb. Great for beginners as well as anyone of whatever knowledge level. Again welcome.
  5. Welcome aboard Lou. Great place to learn lots. I have been reading and perusing for days since I joined.
  6. Welcome Lester, good to have you here. Really nice work on the knives as well as the copper badge. As far as the shop goes in mine if it is not cluttered I`m not getting much done.
  7. Hello and welcome. I`m pretty much new also, just been here a few days. Been nasty weather for a while now so have been spending all my time here studying up and waiting for warmer days.
  8. Welcome Derek, I think you will find welding and forging go hand in hand.
  9. Hello from another noob Shmygelbryl. I only signed up a couple of days ago but have lurked for a while pouring over the site and ingesting and digesting everything I can. This is a great site and absolutely loaded with info. I have smithed on and off for a few years and I am finding new to me info. So hope you like it here and welcome.
  10. Yep Frosty. If there is one thing I know it is that there are way more connections in this world than most of us realize.
  11. Frosty: Born in Yakima and mostly raised in Toppenish which is 19 miles from Yakima. It`s a little farming community on the Yakima Indian reservation. Spent some time over around Othello and Moses Lake. 2 1/2 years in Bellingham. Then moved to Michigan about 40 years ago. I do miss the weather out there and find it not so much fun during the cold winters here anymore.
  12. Frosty: I had not thought of that and it just might be one to check out. Used to be a lot of logging in this area and then it moved to mostly farming. Now even a lot of the farming is gone. I can sure ask around about any old dump sites. I`m originally from Washington state and can remember as a kid a lot of the farms had their own dump somewhere on their property.