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  1. Hi Frosty, That statement sounds a bit like Irish Logic, and not being derogatory. to the Irish either as they have wonderful singers and fine Smiths that have bee around for eons, plus the Irish dancers are rather special.
  2. Hi Nate, Thank's very much for your input on both the size and the silicate. I have started to soak the cat litter, so I might as well keep going with it and try my hand at making it. First hurdle is, it has now been soaking in the water for two days and has not reduced in quantity of crystals that much. If I was to do it again, I think I would pulverise the crystals into powder prior to soaking, and yes it has to be strained to take out the lumps. Colloidal or Fumed Silica? Are they a common sort of mineral that is readily available or is it a chemist/ specialist purchase? I reali
  3. Hi frosty, I haven't reduced the length of the cylinder as yet, and as I said in a previous post, I will bring it back to 10 - 12 inches. I have the wool fitted into the cylinder at the moment (only as a look see what I have left as far a space goes), if I put in another layer that will take the diameter from 12 to 8 inches and the same with the depth if I slice it of at 12 inches in length, so I would finish up with 402 Cub Inches. Just a rough measurement, the cylinder is almost the same size as an LPG Gas Bottle (9 Kg 19.8 lbs) as far as diameter goes. Would that be sufficient to pl
  4. Hi Thomas. Sorry Buddy, not that good of a shot, had to use two stones...LOL
  5. JHCC, Never took Latin at school, I had enough trouble with English and French (fails French) and went there in 84 ordered Stake Tartare, thinking it was Steak with a sauce??? when they plonked down a big mince pattie with an egg in half a shell, winking at me, I near chundered. LOL, should have paid attention in school. Ah, OK Frost, Well when I do get to use this stuff, I was playing with the idea of giving the cylinder wall a coat and putting the wool in and then coating the wool. What do you think? Also, is 1"(I understand inches and feet Old School) suffic
  6. G'Day Buddy, I don't have a clue what you are talking about with the Mono thingo and tertiary bit, but I will believe you. If the crystals haven't melted by sunday down under, I will have to leave them for 4 days, so don't worry, I will not have forgotten to let you know. Garry Hey Frosty, Some strange laws for you guys, when it is Kitty Litter down here. And you can pick it up at the local corner store, I didn't see any large print on the packet that said it was hazardous to your health, but, anything to do with chemicals, you would treat with respe
  7. Hey Mikey, I had a go at trying the first part of the process, where he said 60gs of silicate and 100ml of water. When I tried it, the amount of water seems way too small to get the crystals to melt. I then went back to the vid and had a look at the way he was doing it and he used around 150 to 200 ml of water, so I have put in another 100 ml. Overnight there is still a fair amount of crystals remaining, so will keep the post going to see what happens. Regards to All Garry
  8. Hey Mikey, It is what the site is all about, caring and sharing. I just hope I get it correct, but, as they say, Time will tell every body. Take care Troops Garry
  9. Hi Lou, Thank you for your comments, I will give it a go and see what happens. That Wikipedia site tells me it has some amazing properties and many uses, must be good stuff. Again, thank you for your time. Garry
  10. Hi Mikey, The kitty litter I was watching being used is the white crystals with the blue pieces in it. They showed the method of dissolving the crystals with water and (they used some sort of drain cleaner) but the main ingredient in the cleaner would have been caustic soda, it dissolves in the combination of water and turns into what they called Water Glass. At stays liquid until heat is applied and it form a bonding/ heat shield type of arrangement. Here is the Utube site that I was watching Best Regards and thanks for your in put. Garry
  11. I missed the Emoji,s up the top, gettin Old me thinks???, Oh well we all gotta get there some day. I just watched a Utube Video on making Stiffener out of Kitty Litter and Caustic Soda, has anybody used it and how does it go? Looked to be doing the job that it was made for (I think they were calling it Liquid Glass?). Cheers all. Garry
  12. Cooee Mates, (now ya can't get any more Australian than that LOL), The tank sat around in my shed for years without a valve on it. And just to be on the safe side, I filled it with water and as the water soaked down I put more into it, until it was full. The again, being safe, I didn't just set to it with the angle grinder and slice it open straight off, I cut it all round,part way through the thickness of the wall and then used a fine chisle to open the cut. I may be silly, but, definitely not stupid. ;-)
  13. Hi Mikey98118 And Frosty, Thank you both for you replies, so 10"it will be and yes Frosty I have cut the bottle 's end off and yes it was a surprise as to what was in it, so I filled it with water just to keep the fibres from floating around and put it into plastic bags and it is now in the Trash Dump and buried. Been working on a burner and have the basics down for it, now just have to assemble in. Still have to get the rigidiser and the other product to cover the wool with. No rush though, way too Old to be running around like you young Colts. Have a Great Day guys and ag
  14. Hi All, And thank you for your replies. At this point of time, I am just trying to get the forge up and running with no real urgency for deciding what I want to make. Would 10" depth be a good enough size, as it would only involve cutting the cylinder with an angle grinder. So I would finish up with 9"Diameter and 10"depth. This would give me a capacity of 636.172512351933 Cubic inches. Looking at the other posts above, I would hazard a guess that there would be a requirement of two burners. I have used 1" thick Kaowool as insulation and if that is sufficient thickness, then I think
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