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  1. Guess that explains why the forged in fire guys always have trouble with their forge welds.
  2. Icandry, For the devil forge have you looked on ebay. Just got a 2 burner with door for $235. Would leave you room for kast-o-lite and merkolite from wayneco.
  3. Rojo, Am still learning. What brand anvil is that beauty. And how big?
  4. Alexandr, From a real estate appraisers professional opinion; that railing will be a selling point for as long as that house stands and then probably moved into a new house. Truly a thing of beauty.
  5. Thanks Lou, I'll just spend the $20 to have their regulator and gauge pack. Looks like I'd spend close to that to retrofit for what I already have. You've helped me a lot on this decision.
  6. What a beauty. I have a pasture she can be put out to if ya wanna come out to florida. Lol
  7. You don't use ladder pattern for cogs, you use sharks tooth.
  8. Awsome. I'm thinking of using my two frosty t to build a foundry so I can do castings.
  9. Ironically you are the second smith from pasco I've met here on IFI. This has helped me make a much more informed decision on if I should go this route. Think I am but spring just a tad more for the two burner with back door. Still holding off till I hear how the burners themselves worked out for you. Also another quick question. Where the supplies red hose hooks to the burners. Can you take a close up pic. Or let me know if the compression nipple the hose hooks to is a screwed on piece. I'd like to save the $20 and use my current hose and regulator but it is 1/4"
  10. I'd buy them the small bench top model and make their discussion a no brainer.
  11. Lou, Thank you for all the updates and walkthroughs on your process here. The anvil fell through somsomeone beat me too it by a few days. But it has made me decide a better forge then my ugly metal box would be a smarter purchase first. Also after your stucco comment I realized we arnt too far from one another, I'm in dixie county.
  12. Can't help with the ID but congratulations on finding such a beautiful anvil. What a great surprise!
  13. Love the adjustment to the hook. That looks great. Tongs too. Seem like it would be easy to make a second set in bit with how those turned out too. Very nice.
  14. Chemistry and physics were two of my favorite subjects. Had amazing teachers for both. I also truly enjoy that I can get a bare bones down and dirty bit of info and a heavily detailed chunk of info in the same thread.
  15. Wooo. stoichiometry. Never thought I'd hear that term outside of college. I love this forum.
  16. Between work, side hustle and the homestead/tiny house I haven't gotten to fire up the forge since my poor attempt at tongs. So wanting some forge time is like an itch on the back of my neck right now. Lol. On a happy note the side hustle has helped put together a nice little anvil fund, which I'm praying I get to exhaust next week.
  17. John, love how that looks. Glas to sed your gasser is working out well. Can't wait to build my next forge and use the bag idea. Stroke of brilliance, that.
  18. None I can post as of yet. I have seen pictures from their listing. I do not have permission from the seller. However if someone beats me out on it I will ask if I can post some pics here. And if I get it you know I'll be posting like I just had another baby.
  19. I prefer running to the shop. Screaming with joy to have found some free time to forge.
  20. Alright. Good to know. This one is large and trapezoidal in shape. Seller couldn't find any markers Mark's but it fits other examples I've seen online.
  21. So I have a chance to go look at and hopefully purchase a sawyer anvil next week. I have read through the buying an anvil guides. As well as tpaaat and the like. I know to bring a ball pien hammer and if I can find one before then a ball bearing. Is there anything I should know or that I need to look for In a sawyer anvil that would be different from a traditional (read London pattern) anvil.
  22. Pray for me. If it is in the shape it looks to be in I will not need another anvil for a long time. And only a 2 hour drive, which for florida is quite short. And if my math is right then he is shooting the weight and it will be over 200.
  23. Late getting back to the party, been doing my side hustle to try to grab a 186# sawyers anvil before I miss the chance. Thanks so much for those measurements. Lets me know what size t burners if I go that route.
  24. Does not look cast. From the pictures I have seen. If cast its deffinatly a no go. Pictures make the face LOOK good but I intend to check with ballpein and ball bearing. My question is more about how much a lack of horn would effect the anvil. As far as balance and use. Assuming the hypothetical that the face is in good repair with a decent rebound and no major dead spots or delaminatiins. The average anvils in my area are between 4 and 8 per #