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  1. Heat treated and tempered my second knife. Defiantly came out way ahead of the first so far. Now for a lot of grinding.
  2. Finished my first rose today. Any idea on scale cleanup. Was thinking of soaking it in vinegar.
  3. Made a belt hook for my ax. Second forge weld I’ve done. Made for a nice sturdy hook and a stable belt hold.
  4. Heat treated my latest project. Kept thinking it was gonna go sideways. First forge weld. First oil quench and temper. First cord wrap. Cut through some 1 1/2” vines one swing.
  5. It is a spike. Leaf spring is already started. As well as an ax with a file for a bit. Wood is actually the broken end of a sink plunger handle. Lol. It is epoxied with the pins tight fit in the holes for a mechanical support.
  6. Have a smithing party coming up and one of the challenges is a one handed ax with a forge weld. Haven’t done a forge weld up to this point but it seems to have taken.
  7. Finished my first knife. Polished to a 3000 grit. Rescued wood with a BLO finish. Very proud of how it turned out.
  8. Done as a self test. Proud of how it turned out.
  9. An oil fire inside the shop is one of my big fears. I make it a point to do my quenches outside. The bonus being that it’s extremely easy to see heat saturation at night.
  10. Omg. Single WIDE. Oh that’s just great. I just accidentally gave my self the best laugh I’ve had in weeks.
  11. Patience is defiantly key. In the current market, at least in north central Florida, used anvils are right up in the same price as new anvils of similar weight. That is of course if you can find one that is even useable. The craft is having a wonderful resurgence with shows like “Forged in Fire” and “Milwaukee Blacksmith”. Unfortunately that means a high demand and not nearly as good of a supply. Don’t limit yourself to a used anvil. If you really feel you need an anvil shaped anvil do some research on new anvils as well. Also check out the improvised anvil thread. Don’t get locked into your anvil having to look like it’s about to squash a coyote.
  12. CGL, Happy Birthday:D cant wait till I upgrade to a tank that size. I’m still using a couple of 40# tanks that came from my old RV. Still hoping I can get my propane supplier to hook the forge to the big 250# tank that was for the single wife we don’t use.
  13. Pinto, that stand is absolutely beautiful. Well done.
  14. Awesome. Of course we want pictures. We love pictures. May it serve your family for generations
  15. In a shocking turn of events she just kinda shrugged and looked at me in a disappointed manner.
  16. Thanks for the advice yall. I've been meaning to start learning heat treating anyway. And lord knows there is enough stock to dial it in if its hardenable and still have plenty left.
  17. Went to one of my local tool mongers today. Grabbed some smalls. He had this waiting for me gratis. Someone gave it to him in case he ran into a smith. Any advice and info on what on earth I can do with it is appreciated.
  18. I'm not even going to try to hide this one. Would just make it worse. I'm a dead man walking either way.
  19. Yeah. Up until a few weeks ago it was the wife and kids daily driver. Still working on cleaning up the mess .
  20. Bringing this beauty home today. Saw it in the antique mall. I know it had been there for a while so I was able to haggle to a happy medium.
  21. Picked up this bench top crimper. Gonna make some dies and use it as a guillotine.
  22. Like Bill Engval puts it. Just 15° off cool.
  23. McLeod, You'll get used to the funny looks. My significant other doesn't understand my "silly hobby". I got flak for buying my anvil for 6 months before she let up.