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  1. Finished this two handed up. Not perfect but much better then my last one. Hope y’all enjoy.
  2. Neil, I always take info as an opportunity for improvement. Thanks for taking the time to give it.
  3. Finished a pair of offset blade tongs today. My second pair of tongs I’ve made. First rivet, forged down from parent stock. Great learning experience. Super stoked with how they turned out.
  4. Center punch number two from a large Allen key. Changes made from first to reflect group feedback. Note domed striking end. Cold center-punch so shorter length. Tip brought to non-magnetic to an inch down the shank. Quenched in warm canola. Quick grind to reveal clean metal. Shank heated to glowing and temper brought to tip with tip reaching pale fading to dark wheat.
  5. Love this. Learn something new every day. Shame i'm a loose that forge finish though. Love that colour I’m honestly considering just making a second and keeping that one as a fidget. If you put it tip down and run your hand up and down it it spins in a really satisfying way.
  6. Lol. Yes. I need to proof read better. Very much non magnetic. If I could make it nonmetallic I’d win a Nobel prize prolly. Lol. The tip picked up a light straw.
  7. I’ve always done a camphered(sp?) edge heat treated the first inch to non metallic. Quenched in oil. Quick hit with a belt to clear scale. Then slow heated the shank in the dragons breath of the forge till the temper line got to right where the spiral ends and then stopped the heat spread. Buffed on a belt for apperiance
  8. First centerpunch. Made from a large Allen key I picked up a while back.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. The BLO was for the handle wood. Not the blade itself. Rhitee: yep. The fit and finish is defiantly a focal point. Not something I’ve done a lot of so it is going to be the biggest challenge i think
  10. This one is my second blade. My first was a rail spike so almost doesn’t count lol. This one is from a truck leaf spring and is a gift for my sister who is my biggest supporter. She asked for a chefs knife or a cleaver. This is good for both. It has an 8” blade with a 3” belly. 13” overall. Contoured handle made from a rescued old growth sledge hammer handle. Polished to a 3000 grit same as the blade. Heavily oiled with BLO. For number two im super happy. Took it to work today and will cut scallions and ginger like warm butter so I’m happy. Constructive review hugely appreciated.
  11. No. It’s a split off and draw. And the hook ended up pretty close.
  12. Haven’t checked yet. Lol. It should though. May have to heat it to melt in the base
  13. Blacksmiths Christmas party today. We each got a chance to make one of these.
  14. Heat treated and tempered my second knife. Defiantly came out way ahead of the first so far. Now for a lot of grinding.
  15. Finished my first rose today. Any idea on scale cleanup. Was thinking of soaking it in vinegar.
  16. Made a belt hook for my ax. Second forge weld I’ve done. Made for a nice sturdy hook and a stable belt hold.
  17. Heat treated my latest project. Kept thinking it was gonna go sideways. First forge weld. First oil quench and temper. First cord wrap. Cut through some 1 1/2” vines one swing.
  18. It is a spike. Leaf spring is already started. As well as an ax with a file for a bit. Wood is actually the broken end of a sink plunger handle. Lol. It is epoxied with the pins tight fit in the holes for a mechanical support.
  19. Have a smithing party coming up and one of the challenges is a one handed ax with a forge weld. Haven’t done a forge weld up to this point but it seems to have taken.
  20. Finished my first knife. Polished to a 3000 grit. Rescued wood with a BLO finish. Very proud of how it turned out.
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