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  1. That looks great. What's the weight on it. Making sure you've read not to grind or mill the face. Just hammering hot steel is all it will take to have that face shining like new.
  2. Awsome. Glad to see they stepped up and took care of the issue quickly. I'm sure they will probably recheck their QC procedures from this point forward as well.
  3. Frosty, Morgan fire bricks come in thicknesses ranging from 1/2"-4" that I've seen. My first set were 2 1/2" thick. You can even buy tapered ones for arches.
  4. I happen to like that colour. It's the same colour I painted a large bench vise I had restored a while back.
  5. Maxwell, Just be careful when you go to take them off. When on the struts like that they are under compression. If you arnt careful they can course some serious hurt.
  6. I'd say you have a nice heavy base for hardy tools to save the hardy on the new one they send you. Glad to see they are making it right.
  7. In the end they gain a valuable insight on a possable quality control issue. If the keep that under control I'm sure they will be a major force in the anvil market.
  8. A nice find to be sure. Just be sure to clean up the mushrooming. It can lead to easier chipping and is a safety concern.
  9. Is the smaller rounder part three quarters of an inch? One of the experts will come along with a better idea. But to me it looks like a handled punch. The mushroomed larger part looking to be where the tool would have been struck.
  10. Mango, Welcome. I am also a very new smith. The one thing that I can add is go through the sections and read all the stickys(the locked in place threads). They have the most focused information and are a great starting point for learning what you think might work for you. Wish I had read them before I made my first forge.
  11. That angle in the video it seems like you can almost see a colour shift between the edges and the center.
  12. Alright. Thanks Das. In a perfect world I'll be on it a few times a week but life is. I'm hoping at least once a week once the tiny house is done.
  13. Frosty, Been looking for a good.thread to ask in; do you apply that wax to the face of the anvil as well or just the body? Is there something that would work well on the face and horn without issues when hot metal hits it?
  14. Boy. That blows my little craftsman out the water. Total drill press envy
  15. Cheaper to buy new than on ebay. Safer bet usually too.
  16. Right after my dad died they stole the Bass boat, trailer and all, right put the carport. My good stuff is kept under lock and key. Or in with the dogs I have a whole set of letter and number metal "punches". Going tonight and putting my name and adress on it.
  17. Havent mounted it up yet. Hoping later this week. Ended up having to work. Until its mounted its living in the mess trailer so the neighbors dont try to carry it off. I have those type of neighbors
  18. Chris, Would probably make nice inserts for a radiator cover(in home not vehicle radiator).
  19. Absolutely love the way that handle looks. Truly a beautiful blade.
  20. Found my good.metal ruler, my kid was using it as a ramp for hot wheels cars, to check how flat the face was. In several reviews their were compliments of some sway in new anvils. Absolutely none on this one.
  21. Ooooo... can I say it this time. Looks like an anvil.
  22. Blessing in this hard time. May the sorrow of his death be overwhelemd with the joy of the memories of his life.
  23. Coming in with no pre existing notions when it comes to that; a square horn just makes more sense to me then a flat London style heel. As does the pritchel and hardy being on opposing sides of the face.
  24. Took a little while to work the second job and squirrel away enough for this one. Had originally planned on a smaller NC anvil. So I'm glad I spent the time hunting for an older one. The extra investment means I'm in a range where I won't need to think about a bigger anvil for a long time. It is also the style of anvil I had most wanted instead of a ferrier anvil with a bunch of gizmos for shoeing that I don't really need.