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Hello everyone Welcome to my profile. I have been a hobbyist blacksmith for the last five years at the Local blacksmith shop at Tannehill state park here in Alabama.

I ironically got my start blacksmithing by playing video games of all things. Being an avid player of games such as Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda I was always around imagery of swords and shields and smithing. Then one day I thought while looking at one of the in-game swords." Hmm, I wonder if I could learn how to make one of those for real?" And while I haven't quite gotten to the point of forging my Master sword or Deidrick battle axe,

 I have for sure come a long way thanks to my Forge-master and good friend Mr.James. Who I swear is a wizard in his own right when it comes to smithing. I have much to learn and wish to hear from anyone willing to teach a good lesson Thank you all and God bless.