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  1. Work in progress. I'm starting my first jabod forge, after starting with a few bricks on the ground. The soil here is quite sandy, but I have a few fire bricks I can use to make the fire pot. I'll upload a picture after finishing it and testing it.
  2. Thank you all. Frosty and arkie, imports are kinda blocked in my country, I have to pay a lot of taxes (50% of the product prize). Plus, amazon doesn't make shippings to my country. But I'll look for them, maybe I can get a good deal. I'll think about what you say, Frosty. You are right about what you say of saving time. To provide some context, minimum wage in my country is 280 dollars...I really need to think if I spend that much on my first brush, maybe I can learn a bit first (I'm a total begginer, I'm building my first forge right now) and "squeeze the juice" from it when I get some experience. I'll definitely think about it, though.
  3. I found one as "Farrier Brush", but it costs 75 dollars. Too much, I prefer spending that on steel and coal. Thank you!
  4. I'll ask to a bucher. Is really hard to find them in hardware stores, I asked in three of them and no one knew them. In case I couldn't find one...Regular wire brushes will work?
  5. Yes, I can ask. I asked for them in a few hardware stores, and they didn't know them. A little bit frustrating. But I'll ask to a butcher.
  6. Sorry the intromission. I'm from Argentina, and where I live (and in my whole country, it seems) block brushes are impossible to find. Smaller brushes work well for removing scales? Is there any alternative to a block brush?
  7. Hi. Sorry for reviving this thread, but I'm looking for information, and don't know where to find it. I'm from Argentina, and it seems that no one knows "block brushes" where I live. Is there any alternative for one? A normal wire brush is good, or is useless? I'm starting at blacksmithing, so I don't have any experience about this subject. Thank you all!
  8. Thanks to all. It's a lot easier than I expected. Our soil is mostly sand, because Mendoza is kinda like a desert. Maybe I can found some good clayey soil near a river. Bentonite is easy to find in hardware stores, I didn't know that is a good material. I'll try to get some. We use it here for wine clarification (I have used it, winemaking is one of my hobbies). As you can see, I'm a newbie in blacksmithing (not only in the forum). It seems that blacksmithing community is really kind! Another reason to dive into this new world. Thank you, I'll read it right now. Nico
  9. A curious fact: In Spanish, we use two different words for "Forge". The Forge where you burn fuel, it's called "Fragua", and the Forge process it's called "Forja". Thank you again for your advice.
  10. Actually, I'm from Mendoza, Argentina. We have limited options here, but I'll try to find any of the options that you gave me. Sorry if my english is bad, I speak Spanish! Thank you for your help!
  11. Hi. Those are really cool projects! I want to make my own, but I don't have any clay. Concrete is a pausible sustitute for it, after a few days of drying? Or it's insecure?
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