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  1. I appreciate the read. I admit, ai havent read it all yet, biut that'll be done tonight. What I did read was the search engine tip via Google. Hopefully that will help me from clogging up the forums with a 100 qustions that you've already answered. Thank care now, Patrick
  2. Frosty, thanks for your input. If I have a question and it's a serious one, no matter how dumb it might seem to you "crusties," all I'm looking for is an answer. I like jokes like the other guy, but wisdom is what I'm here for. TThat being said, thank you folks for showing me more than a few things just in this post. Hopefully that search engine trick that IronDragon Foge and Clay pointed me to woll prevent me from cluttering up these foeums with questions already answered. Thanks again folks for your infoformation,, Patrick
  3. Thank you kindly, all of you. To be honest, I was half-expecting to be scoffed at for asking these things. I read the link that Irondragon Forge & Clay, and I'm sure to find that little bit helpful about how to search for things on this forum with Google. That little tip alone will save me a lot of trouble. Thank you all for what you've said this matter. I appreciate all the welcome messages. Thanks, Patrick
  4. I'm in the process of building my first venturi forge. It'll be a simple forge based off of Michael Porter's book. The main question I have is one I can't seem to find an answer to. I read LP rated teflon tape is a no-no for pressurized gas lines. So properly rated dope paste is what I hear some people use. My question about that is do you use pipe dope on your lines? If so, do you use pipe dope on your high pressure regulator, the line coming from it, the pressure gauge on the regulator, the quick shut off valve, and the backside of your burner where the line connects? I assume the last gets a little too warm for dope to work correctly, but I want to know what you guys do anyway. My concern is dope getting the regulator, gauge, and possibly the burner all fouled up. My other concern is having a gas leak and potentially losing my shop and/or some parts that I was born with. I know that it's a touchy subject, so I'll state for the record that I take full responsibility for everything that goes right or wrong in my shop and on my property. I'm only asking what you folks do for your venturi forges. I am not asking for you to tell me what to do. If you know of a resource I can use to get that information, I would greatly appreciate that as well. Thanks, Patrick