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  1. Thanks that was another thing I bought a cut off Hardy and no it didn't fit. I am worried about the cuts near the corners of the Hardy hole. I can ground the shank a bit to fit.
  2. Lol I searched for Hardy fixes, Hardy problems, thanks for posting this now I feel I can fix that darn Hardy hole.
  3. Being so new I was afraid to. What kind of file would you recommend as a good set of files are on my shopping list. Thank you for the response!
  4. I have a new anvil and am a new blacksmith. My Hardy hole looks rough and I want to fix it but not sure exactly how. Any advice before I mess it up would be much appreciated.
  5. Here are some pics of my Hardy hole.
  6. How is your hardy hole? I have the same anvil and my hardy hole looks like it was cut maybe with water?? It is kinda ragged and one corner has a cut where they went a bit to far. What can I use to clean up the hardy hole or is it fine the way it is? I bought a cut off for the hardy but it dosn't fit well. I am brand new to all of this so not sure if that s normal. Should I grind the shank of the cut off to fit better and or work on putting a chamfer on the hardy hole itself?
  7. How where your hardy and pritchel holes? My hardy hole looks like it was water cut maybe?? I think I will have to clean that up any suggestions as to the best way?
  8. I bought the ultimate blacksmith kit and am going to fire it up for the first time this weekend. I am so excited I can't stand it! I live in north central PA. I am an Information Technology Tech to pay the bills. A few years ago I got into bushcraft. While sitting around a campfire I started whittling and made a spoon shaped object. I then got into spoon carving and kuksa carving and bowls. I then wanted to be able to make my own tools. That led me to blacksmithing. I took a one day class and was hooked (all puns intended). We made several hooks and a cheese knife. I am married and 53 want to carve and blacksmith full-time someday soon.