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  1. I feel odd, Randy or Irondragon? What is a ma to do? Thank you sir! I will insure they act appropriately. See your Sat. Can i pay upon arrival? Gross. i lower case verse I upper case. joking An icestorm in AR? your joking right?
  2. Hey Arkie, I want to come down, completely new smith, would this be worth my time with four brats under the age of 9? Would not want commit some old fogies toa bad time. Kids love adventure and I love the forge addiction,
  3. We have been talking about heading down there. Was wanting to know if it was a family oriented at all? If so we will gladly come. Been wanting to eat at the Catfish Hole for some time bwahahaha.
  4. Just for fun, this is the short week long journey so far (In no particular order). I have learned about a hundred things i didn't want to do and maybe three I did. 1228181336.mp4 0105191046.mp4 0108191356.mp4 0108191356.mp4 I saw a meeting was coming up this weekend, trying to convince the ol lady to attend. Are they typically kid friendly? Thanks for your time Irondragon. I apologize for the image dump. Not a computer savvy individual. More of a 6'2" 300lb smash things kind of fellow. I await your scrutiny.
  5. MC, Absolutely what I think will win her over. I have been looking up candle stands, furniture for drawers, and other household items. Plan on making a kitchen knife that can split an atom or at least her heart. It's good to hear my struggle is not my own. I have almost convinced her leatherworking is her lot in life, we will see how that goes. There is an awful lot of antlers for handles and hides for leather going to waste in NW Arkansas.
  6. Greetings from Arkansas, I have been wanting to get into blacksmithing for almost a decade now but between the moving around in the army and the past several years of raising four young monsters I just never found the time. Things are starting to settle down though and my current employment has afforded me some unique opportunities in both time available and the ability to use equipment that isn't my own to pursue my interest in moving metal around. Built a propane tank forge a week ago with a T burner and acquired a chunk of RR for an anvil until I can make the wife something that lets her see the light of this beautiful skill and gives me the greenlight on spending more. So far I have made a RR spike seax (because that's what it ended up looking like) and some flat jaw quickie tongs. Impressive right? I've spent some time creeping around the forums trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible and am grateful for all the detailed information I have found so far. Here's to a lifelong obsession. Brandon Thompson
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