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  1. Sorry just saw this. The next truck that comes in I will try to get the specs. Sorry new to site. Learning all the buttons and tabs.
  2. My name is Brian Coffman and I live in Wilmore Ky. Finding this trade of bladesmithhing has honestly kept me alive. 7 months ago I lost my family. My wife of 17 years and my 4 wonderful boys. I haven't seen or heard my wife's voice in 7 months now and I've only seen my boys 3xs for a total of 8 hours in 7 months. A divorce is enough to drive any man crazy. One day as I was starring at there pictures I noticed forged in fire on TV. I was completely hooked from that first episode. I made 4 knives for my boys not the best looking knives but they loved them. To make a long story short. Making knives keeps my mind occupied and also wears me out where I can actually sleep at nights which is the hardest time for me. So if there is anyone that would be willing to teach me some tips or just let me come watch them once or twice that lives near Wilmore I would GREATLY appreciate it I would be willing to drive an hour or so just to learn. I'm sorry for the long story I wrote it's not intended to be a sob story I just really wanted to thank everyone on here for the great advice. I do alot of reading and studying on this site when I'm not in the building. If anyone would be interested in teaching me some of the he trade
  3. The rebar comes to us in 40'-60' lengths sizes ranging from #4 =1/2" to #11 2" most is unweldable steel that we use for building cages and mat's to bending whatever shape our customers require. The coils we use in certain machines are weldable steel. I know for sure its 60 grade rebar. But tomorrow I'll go talk to the salesman and see if he will print me out the heat numbers and grade for the welded and non weldable rebar. I made a knife out of the weldable rebar for 2 of my boys when I first started and surprisingly they took and held a good sharp edge from quenching in warm water, dishwashing liquid, & Epsom Stopped at a mechanic shop today of a guy I know. Found quick struts with coil springs on them still, got 15-20 of them and hes going to keep coil springs and leaf springs for me from here on out. Pretty sure they are 1060 and they have thin black coating around them that I sanded off That one pic was my first forge. 4" steel pipe kaowool and a hole for small propane torch to supply the heat. Got er done though
  4. Yes sir all the equipment we have is 10-15 years old or more. Thank you very much for the response. I really appreciate the advice. Will definitely look up step by step knife making
  5. My name is Brian Coffman and I'm new to bladesmithhing. I've made 5-6 knives in the last 2 months mainly rebar knives. RR spike knives. And a few from flat stock we have at work. I work in a rebar fabrication shop mainly I use the scrap to make knives but I'd like to find some good steel around the farm that I could forge a knife that would have and maintain a solid sharp edge. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm currently talking with a few mechanics to get some cool spring or leaf springs but would like to find stuff from cutting discs or bushhogs to forge good quality knives. I live in Wilmore Ky so if anyone is close and wouldn't care to show me a few things or share some tips I would really appreciate it. I have 4 wonderful boys ages 9 10 15 & 17 that forging is something we can do together besides football. Hunting. And fishing. Just an idea of what my setup is a propane forge with single xl burner and railroad track anvil I've shaped out. I appreciate any advice given