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  1. Pre3ssure, we enjoy the farm and the area here. We planted 500 trees on the farm 3 years ago and they growing well
  2. No I don't have any attachments for the unimog
  3. See attached pic above for the 404 unimog ex Belgian military troop transporter When 15 years old I started working for a blacksmith/ truck/ machinery mechanic in Denmark. I worked mostly on trucks and farm tractors but also helped out in the blacksmith shop. Remember many times where we young kids had to use sledges to work the hot iron before it got cold. The smith would use his small hammer to set the tempo and we had to keep up I have collected the tools over a 20 year period or so. Was too busy with in a professional job involving much travel to set up shop. Now retired and st
  4. Thank you all for the comments. Very helpful Regarding the Ducks Nest is that a circular steel plate bolted on top of the clay lining to create a fire pot of sorts. Is that similar to using bricks to create a center for the fire to raise the fire up and save coals. Searching for it did not clarify much. Yes the machine shed is also the corn crib on the sides of the building originally filled from openings in the roof. The machine shed in the middle has a concrete floor. Originally it was used for horse wagons as a drive through being open in both ends. It dates back to the early 180
  5. Initially I was thinking about using the smoke house for the shop but it looks too small to spread out in
  6. Here are a few pics of the old corncrib building that could be used for a blacksmith shop. Should be easy enough to close it in and add hood and smoke stack Have several sections of insulated stack pieces 6 inch inside diameter. Not sure if that will draft enough. 12 inch would be better I think. Or leave the building semi open and use as is? Or as Twisted has suggested add a wall fan
  7. I bought this unimog almost 20 years ago from military surplus stock in Europe and had it shipped over to Maryland. It is titled and runs well. It has a very flexible suspension with all coil springs That allows good traction in rough terrain and also you can difflock any axel or both together. It has a 6 cylinder Mercedes gas engine and has 6 speeds forward and two in reverse. The wheels are driven by portal axels that raise the axels up to give amazing ground clearance.
  8. Yes the larger anvil is a Hay Budden. Thank you for the suggestion to line the forge with clay. To use it inside the building it needs to have an exhaust. I have a duct fan I maybe able to set up to exhaust the smoke to the outside. Normal draft without a fan may not work? What is the experience here? The truck is a Mercedes Unimog model 404 50 years old this year It was a European military truck for most of its life
  9. Collected the tools you see on the pics and now getting ready too set up a dedicated area on the farm. The old corn crib seems to be a good building for it with a 20 by 30 ft floor area. I need to mount the post vices on the welding table or perhaps on a dedicated stand I only have the rivet forge so will not be able to heat longer pieces. Next project should probably involve building a better forge and an exhaust system. What else would you recommend? What else woul
  10. unimog

    Post Vise

    Had this old post vise for 20 years or so. Now retired decided to pull it out to to get it mounted. It works really well and has little to no wear in the screw. It is heavy and the jaws measure close to 6 inches across. Did not see any markings it. Also have a smaller one about 4 and a half inch jaws. Any thoughts on origin and age?
  11. JHCC thank you for the tips for the forum. The Unimog is a unique off road truck with a very flexible suspension that allows all four wheels to touch the ground under most circumstances and coupled with the ability to lock up all four wheels for traction it can travel where others can't
  12. yes Texas is a huge place. We lived in Houston at the time but I was doing some large scale construction projects in the West Texas area ( Permian Basin ). Also was working on a Power project in the Four Corners area of New Mexico so I am familiar with the wast distances
  13. agreed your area is ideal for Unimogs and off roading We lived in Texas for 17 years
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