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  1. MYX

    Hi, Hello, and hey, I bought a vise.

    Ok... BONUS tip # 2 , not tip # 2. I thought you were saying Respect the elders (tip # 2). I just re-reread your request about BONUS tip # 2. The one about NOT tagging. Ugh... Okay. Right so... I though I had been somehow disrespectful earlier and wasn't understanding how. But no, to layer things on, I was being disrespectful by calling out people, Annnnd after being warned once by JHCC, I then 'at' called him in the process. So, yeah. Hi, how does one spell noob? Sigh. One of my other hobbies is referbing old pinball and arcade machines. In that forum, there's tons of tagging. Really, I did read the list. More than once. But, I will admit scanning that one (bonus # 2) because I already 'knew' how to use the 'at' symbol. I apologize to Frosty for doing the same. Well, if I am going to goof something up, man... I will do it with full effect. Okay, illiteracy issues put aside for a moment, was the minimal grinding a bad thing, or was this one legit?
  2. MYX

    Hi, Hello, and hey, I bought a vise.

    Oh man, No, no disrespect was intended. I even did the little winky thing... I am actively too young on this forum and know my place. More, I have been on enough forums to know the personalities that show up. I also know that when a person of several million posts tells you something, you listen because chances are, that they might know something. As far as forums go, I am generally the guy who tries to add some humor (ironic and /or idiotic), and it usually in the form of a xxxx poor pun, but when it comes to helping others, pitches in where he can. I apologize if you were offended by anything I spoke (wrote).
  3. MYX

    Hi, Hello, and hey, I bought a vise.

    Heh... I read and searched, and researched a ton prior to even looking for a vise. I had read the READ THIS FIRST a few times. I had seen you guys tell people to READ THIST FIRST, so, man, I was gonna READ THAT FIRST so I didn't get told... But hey, I did have my location listed, and provided all the details I could about the vise, so... I tried. Oh well. ;0) Anyway, thanks for the welcome. Frosty: no I didn't take it as a diss. I didn't do any heavy grinds. Sadly this was done before the warning. It was only superficial in effect. The grind was at the hinge where there was something (looks like weld splatter). Here's a before and after of what was done. But otherwise, I have not, and will not do anything.
  4. MYX

    Hi, Hello, and hey, I bought a vise.

    Ah, good question, and yes. It was a wire wheel. I did use a grinding wheel to take off the weld splatter which you can see in the first picture near the hinge. But, yeah, all the other bits were a wire wheel. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. MYX

    Hi, Hello, and hey, I bought a vise.

    So, I spent the day cleaning the vise. It's amazing what kind of crap can acumulate in one of these things. I am not sure how many times a clean up has been done, but I suppose there's the real possibility that this is the first time so... hundred year old dirt? I wore a mask while I was grinding off the crud. It's a little scary though. At one point when I took off my mask, it smelled like a farm. Animal dung. So, I am thinking perhaps it came from a farm, or... who knows. But it didn't smell good. I have a little more to clean at which point I will post a video of the effort. Sadly, I did kill off an angle grinder today. It's why I didn't get finished. But I bought a new one and will carry on tomorrow. For the knowledgable, I want to confirm, I have read some conflicting thoughts, but it seems that for the most part, the thought is, don't use grease on the screw threads, correct? I have read oil. But what kind of oil? Motor Oil? For the rest of the pieces that I was able to finish today, I used BLO. I love the color the metal took when I did this. Do I wipe the remainder off, or do I let it just sort of dry and leave a coating?
  6. Hey all, This is my first post, so it'll be about a post (myeah... it's a vise joke, sorry, they wont get any better). Been lurking for a while, and finally am on track to get going into blacksmithing as a new hobby. I am a maker by nature, so this will be venturing into a new form of making. So, I have been playing this somewhat slowly. I have kept a pretty constant watch on craigslist and the Facebook Market watching for something to turn up. I watched this vise for a little while. I called him on thanksgiving and he said he still had it, so last weekend I went and picked my new (old) vise. It's a Iron City and a little over 4 inches on the jaws. The guy wanted $200 for it, but agreed to $150. It's a little over 43 inches tall (seen as 42 in the photo, but it was hooked to the ring on the peg) and I would place it at about 75#. The only thing missing is the locking key which I can't see being too difficult to make. I am looking forward to getting it cleaned up. There is a rather heavy gouge on the key thing that locks up the screw box (sorry for lack of proper terminology). Theres some thing on the center screw threads, but for the most part (in my unknowing eyes) It looks to be in pretty good shape. Or better stated, I'd like to think it's in pretty decent shape. You can probably provide some better perspective on it. Anyway, I have been enjoying reading this forum so far. Seems to be an incredible resource.