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  1. herby

    first work

    thanks a lot.I'll do it right now.
  2. hello everyone! I just did my first project today!(sorry,no pictures for now!)and I am very happy about it.The first week I tried different trick I learned from you people (thanks to all of you)but the results were not the same. and this week I said to myself it's time for a real project.It's a three flower pot holder and I must say I am proud of it.I will send pictures of it soon. Thanks again.
  3. hello everyone!I'm new here and i'm new at blacksmithing! I read a few threads and i'm sure to be on the right place to learn with you people!have a nice day or evening everyone!
  4. herby

    rené brisebois

    Part time blacksmith. From Quebec Canada. I don't have much time for practicing but enjoy every moments.I'm very happy to be with IFI! It's full of ideas and inspirations.
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