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  1. Oh I've wandered the halls of that old building getting photographs before. Now it's all closed down and too dangerous. Good fun for awhile there though.
  2. Oh how I wish I had a forging press... Would make some stuff so much easier. Lol! Heck, even a flypress would be nice. Maybe one day.
  3. That looks fun and all JHCC but maybe add an adjustable hard stop so you don't end up squishing your hand. It can save you a broken finger or two. Just a suggestion
  4. I've not met a smith IRL or seen any other shop off of the internet. I'm just self taught. Nothing stopping me maybe.... But with bad anxiety and the sense that I don't really belong with all the guys.... *shrug*
  5. Lol, it works. I'm just not happy with how it looks. But I guess it's ok for 30 minutes
  6. Wow! Great work. I just had a lazy day. Needed an "easy" win and made a crappy little bottle opener. Only challenge I had was starting with 3/8" square stock. Upsetting and pulling out the material to the right size was a tricky thing and of course I got a bad cold shut. It was a neat experiment I suppose.
  7. Is that a side blast forge? I thought the back duer had to be cooling the air pipe for that to not melt down. Perhaps I'm wrong though...
  8. Lol! Alright, good points. You've convinced me. Thanks for the great tip ☺️
  9. Oh! I can see that being a little useful. Fortunately, the base is lower than my eye level so I can still see them just fine. But I'm a tall woman. Shorter people may suffer.
  10. Thank you! Why would I put them in the other way? I don't mind doing that, but I'm curious as to why. They're resting on wood, so they're not gonna get damaged I don't think.
  11. Wow everyone's work looks so good. I needed a better way to store my hammers. I was just keeping them on the bench so I made this thing out of bits I had laying around. Not perfect, but serviceable. The one side is smaller than the other so different size hammers can fit. I also made an over-the-door style hook out of some flat bar I had laying around and came up with a slightly different way to store my punches, chisels and drifts. Then I made a quick little bottom swage. It works, so I can't really complain. Lol
  12. Thanks so much Frosty. Good to know you didn't lose any limbs. And thank you for the kind words. I'm really critical of my work because I know it's not as good as it could be yet. I'll get there, it just takes awhile.
  13. Thank you George. I've recently been working on a couple projects so when they're further along I'll share. I do love reading the posts here though and being inspired by all the amazing talent that is present
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