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  1. Thanks for the video for sure. Gave me some ideas. Had to mute it though... Sorry but I work professionally in video and film so... But the images were good and the info is solid. Thank you!
  2. It seems to work, I just am not hitting accurately enough in the center during the making of the rivet. I'm going to be using the fancy heading tool for only one side, as I want a flat rivet head on the inside of the stand. I don't know what video you're referring to though.
  3. These will be half inch diameter rivets I want to use for an umbrella stand I'm working on for my mom. Still haven't made a successful rivet yet... But I've got a few tries in. I'll try again tomorrow and when I get something that looks more like a rivet I'll send some pics.
  4. I finally broke down and bought a real drill press. And I tried my hand at making some rivet setting tools. IDK if I'm doing this right...
  5. Holy bananas Alexandr! Your stuff is amazing! Need an apprentice? Lol
  6. Well, if ya don't mind the bad roads, bad services and high crime, then Detroit is great! I have run an angle grinder at 2 am here and no one says a thing. Course, I also have to ignore the shouting, banging and gunfire from my neighbors. It's a trade off!
  7. Yeah... But ya gotta be quick. We have people that literally tear aluminum siding off houses just to make a couple bucks selling scrap metal. Neighbor's house went that way. Broad daylight and everything.
  8. Hahaha! I didn't know there were so many terms for finding steel trash
  9. Thank you! And thanks for the info. I too have a bit of a stubby horn on my anvil. The drift I made won't fit through the pritchel(?) hole but works for the hardy. Just have to keep going corner to corner and flip every heat... But cold shuts happened on the slot punch, so I definitely need to refine it's shape.
  10. Hahaha! It's not that pointy! And thank you. Also, I discovered that the twist on the stick part locks in with the twist on the other piece. Once locked, I can tighten it by just turning it like a screw. An odd but handy "not intended" design feature. And mines a bit too small. I wanna make a slightly bigger one.
  11. Finally got to spend an entire day in the shop! Fixed the problem with the forge too. Made my first punches and hot cut chisel. I used a large coil spring I found on the side of the road. Sweet mother Detroit provides! Also made a hair tie and a bottle opener. Never made any of these things before, so I know they're kinda rough. Still, feels good to make stuff. Feels better to learn so much so quickly. Such as, Acme hoses are not good for feeding a forge. And, slot punches need to be flat and preferably not have rounded corners. At least, I think that's the problem I was having when using it... Oh, and hair pieces need to be a bit bigger than the one I made... Anyway, thank you all for the help and inspiration!
  12. Haven't had more than an hour or so a night. But it looks like I'll be able to spend a solid day or two in the shop soon. Looking forward to it. The regulator was set to 10psi ... It runs all the way down to 2psi but I get impatient waiting for stuff to heat up. The bottle is huge... So I could probably run it even hotter. However, the regulator has been acting funny and I need to fix it somehow. Sometimes it acts like there's no fuel at all. I think it's slightly clogged... Not sure though.
  13. Sure! Not the best picture... And I'd rather have a better door system but this old firebrick I made years ago still works ok. I can get better photos tomorrow if ya want.