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  1. Monkey see, monkey do. And one day while mom and dad were at work, it wasn’t hard for 9 or 10 year old me to copy what I had seen my dad do countless times and light the cutting torch. That was what I used. I don’t remember what I used for stock. Just something from dad’s pile of junk. What I made were a few latches for some of the wooden gates around the barn. Dad didn’t find what I had done nearly as cool as I did, but he did begin to actually show me how to how to use his tools AND to only do so when he was around.
  2. I going peen then hole. IIRC that was something you seemed to regret on one of your WI hammer videos. You did the hole first and then getting it drifted back the way it needed to be cause you to have to do extra work. I should know later this evening how the peen weld went. I think it will be easier than the face. At least I hope so.
  3. It is too small to be much of anything. Maybe a small fuller or set hammer. I took both to a SCABA member’s shop and he and another member showed me how to use an induction forge and power hammer. The large piece they mainly worked. Gerald Franklin showed me how to get it to roughly square edges and draw out the taper. Then I worked it until I felt it was close enough to the shape I wanted that I could easily finish it at my forge and anvil, as well as hopefully get a major delam I have been trying to fix for the past two or three short sessions at home welded back solid. The small one was mainly me except for squaring it up. One thing I learned was it is WAY easy to go from “about there” to “You’ve taken it to a mangled mess.” It is just so cool seeing the metal moving so fast and easy that you can forget to stop the hammer. On the smaller piece I also relearned something I already knew. If you hit WI in the direction of the grain once the temp has dropped too much, it will split. At home I was largely able to get the delam welded, but some of it I will just have to grind or file off. The hammer is largely finished. It isn’t quite as out of square as it looks in the photo. Pretty much everything is close enough to where it needs to be that it can be finished at the grinder. I still have to weld in the piece for the peen, as well as punch and drift the eye, so it is still quite possible I can screw it up. I etched the small piece so I could better see where the faces ended and the WI began. I didn’t oil it after, so it is rusted. I will etch it for a longer period and then try to fix that large split and etch it again and coat it with oil. I may use it as a paperweight at work. Now that I knew where the steel transitions to WI, I may take a chainsaw file and round out the grooves I cut and forge the grooves out. Almost forgot, do I punch the hole and then weld in the peen, or do I do the peen first? I think it should be peen then hole, but Gerald said I should do the hole first?
  4. I’ve used an angled peen and prefer it. All my hammers are either ball peen or cross peen, but I bought a small hammer head of a type whose name I can’t remember. It is what a ball peen would look like if you were to squish the ball flattish. I twisted it from a cross to and angled peen. Not all that useful since is so small, but I use it occasionally.
  5. My Freshmen biology professor pronounced protein as protean so we would never forget how to spell it.
  6. 6’1” That would probably make yours about 2” too short, assuming you didn’t make it and it was built for a male of average height. I think that is 5’9”. I don’t remember how tall mine is, I didn’t make mine. A friend made it for me. All I made was the pot after the brake drum he had put in it rusted out. It is at a height I like. It allows me to stand straight without stooping over or feel like I have to reach up to it.
  7. How far are you from Sulphur? Brent Bailey is going to be at the SCABA Conference in October.
  8. I soaked the smaller, misshapen one. It really makes the errors pop. I knew I had squished the edges of the leaf spring down over the sides, but didn’t realize it was so severe. I drew red lines in the approximate spots where I plan to trim the leaf spring. One thing I did not expect about the WI was one bar was a bit different than the rest even though all came from the same window bars. I also didn’t expect the pattern to be so randomly twisted and smushed.
  9. Just noticed the acid soak part of your comment. I’ve begun working on both hammers again. The smaller one is not taking well around the edges of the faces. I believe I will give it a soak.
  10. I let my grandson and Granddaughter heat 1/4” steel and beat on it. Before that I went over a few basic safety rules. Assume any steel is hot until you know it is not. Keep the hot end pointed in a safe direction when moving and let everyone know you will soon be moving. Safety glasses at all times. No you may not wear those neoprene gloves your mom bought for you to stay warm out here. Same for the fuzzy coat she gave you. You will wear leather gloves and do not get them wet. If you knock a piece of coal on the ground, do not pick it up with your fingers, even if it is not glowing. Always be aware of what others around you are doing and be ready for them to do something incredibly stupid. And no, you cannot make a sword. Really, once they brand their leg once, they are very unlikely to do it again. I tried working with both at the same time, but it was too much for me to keep track of.
  11. I’ve decided what I need to do. Make a pattern on the good side where it begins to bend around my leg. Use the pattern to cut a piece to match from a piece of leather I have and stitch it on. Will end up looking like something Leatherface might wear, but should be functional. Then add leg straps. Probably move the waist and shoulder strap connection points up a bit so they are angled up at the corners there. As for sweat, still working on that. Maybe something like John? and Tai Goo wear on their heads. Almost forgot, to get the leg slit positioned right, I used a plumb bob while wearing it. EZPZ.
  12. By the way, Brent Bailey is going to be at the conference. Not sure about Joey. I am pumped about it! Two of the coolest and best blacksmiths on the planet and I get to watch them work.
  13. pnut was right. Moving the waist strap up to connect where the shoulder strap connects straightened it out quite a bit. Now to re-do the slit or the legs and straps for them. After that pockets to catch slag. I have been having trouble with sweat in my eyes. I’ve tried several hats, from ball caps worn with the bill in the front and back to a boonie hat. Nothing works. I am not quite ready to try a tennis sweatband like McEnroe wore. What about a welder’s skullcap or a doo rag?
  14. My avatar pic wasn’t taken that long ago. I liked it because my hair was dark again. I had been at the forge all day. I am constantly running my fingers through my hair. I hadn’t realized I had been coating my hair with coal dust each time I did it.
  15. It is cocked to one side. I slit it down the exact middle up to about my crotch, but even though it was straight and in the right spot when on the ground, it wasn’t when on me. Should I have made the shoulder straps adjustable in the front and back?
  16. Since me going to St Petersburg is unlikely to ever happen, I would like to try cooking some of Alexandr’s dishes here myself. Unless they are secret recipes.
  17. Yes. I think there is a spot on here for them. Vulcan’s Forge maybe is the folder name.
  18. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Charles.
  19. Nope. Was Anvil. Dirty lenses I guess.
  20. Not sure why I wanted it. If is 38” long. I’ve wanted two longer sections for many years now to stack wood on.
  21. You will have to show me Arkie. It seems to be mainly glass. I was a little surprised that grate melted so quickly.
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