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  1. Thanks. That helps. I waited too long to go buy tyres from a guy in Duncan, Oklahoma who restored wagons. He shut down and sold all of his stuff. I had wanted to do exactly what the OP had done, but from the little I have worked wrought iron was afraid I wouldn’t be able to punch and drift the eye without turning it into a splintered mess. It sounds as if some of that is just unavoidable, and I assume due to the grain, a split is not as apt to continue splitting and fail upon use. I wish it were more available. Like the “smushed clay” pattern in the OP, you can really get interestin
  2. You goob! Everyone knows the correct spelling katastrofy, not katastrofe!!!! Scooter, if you want a log, you can almost always find a good selection down at your town’s recycling and bulk trash center Usually they are free. You will need a chainsaw to level the top though Elm is very good because it doesn’t split easily, but any hardwood will do really. Soft woods such as pine don’t last as long Speaking of city recycling centers, about 20 years ago my wife and I were going through very lean times. I couldn’t afford gas for the furnace and couldn’t afford wood for the Fr
  3. Which is why Jennifer made the comment about the hole being so near the end? I’ve tried upsetting wrought iron once. It split and it was at a yellow heat. How do you prevent that?
  4. Any day spent doing something for our parents is a good day and time well spent. As for the three adults, turn off the breaker on the circuits the TV and modem are on.
  5. This should not be taken to be a criticism on this hammer. I’ve seen similar in pretty much every photo of a wrought iron hammer I have seen, including one by Jennifer and I don’t believe anyone would try to argue she is not skilled. In a solid steel hammer the cracks and such would be concerns. What is a small crack now could spread and become a larger crack and eventually result in failure. Is this not a concern with wrought iron?
  6. Thank you, SLAG. Were it not for the grandkids, I likely would have turned that “quench tub” into a planter long ago. Maintenance is a pain. How do you plan to join the pieces, JHCC? Looks very good.
  7. You should try their fiber internet. Blazing fast, reliable, and dirt cheap.
  8. If a professional like Jennifer likes mild steel tongs, I guess I must be on the right path. Today’s activities: watching the babies play in the pool, making a grate for my firepot, and finally starting on strap hinges for several gates. The grate is more of a way to practice some basic blacksmithing: Slitting and drifting while keeping the holes essentially the same size and in the same spots on each bar and the bars each the same length. You can see by the first hole this is going to be more difficult than I thought. The hole is off center. I tried cooling the thinne
  9. Someday. For that to happen though I will need to get my blower out of the garage where I stored it after buying it and use it. The latest hairdryer (liberated from my wife) will have to die first. I am lazy and just leave it running the entire time. Maintaining a small fire is not something a constant supply of air is useful for.
  10. We have OG&E here as well. People do a much better job of keeping limbs away from the lines. In Purcell proper they do not. In the area we lived in when in Norman, all the lines were below ground. That helped quite a bit. OEC. Forgot OG&E was when in Norman.
  11. What did I do today? I learned I don’t like carbon steel tongs. All my other tongs are old and made from wrought iron and mild steel. I can be pretty rough with them and not have to worry about them breaking. I bought a new pair of bolt tongs a few months ago, but never used them. Today I wanted to try them out. They were a bit bigger than I wanted, so I heated them up and whacked on them to close up the jaws a bit. That left one side of the jaws about a quarter inch longer than the other. I hit it to knock it back. It worked, but I learned I should have heated it again. A piece brok
  12. Who provides the electricity in your area. We use to regularly have short outages in Norman. Purcell has them all the time except those on the north side where we live now. Rarely experience them here.
  13. Makes sense. There is a big difference between respecting something and being fearful. Fear makes it difficult to think. Part of your brain wants to stay, part wants to run, and the rest wants to just freeze in place. I do love waffles, but the closest I ever get to them are Eggos which is not really even all that close.
  14. When I worked in a hospital lab in Gilmer, Texas, we would have a health fair for the community during the town’s annual Yamboree. One of the members of the community was a guy who had worked for Lone Star Steel. Both of his forearms were horribly scarred. I asked him how it happened. He said a mold exploded early one morning and he was showered with molten steel. Molten steel and condensation are not compatible. I want to cry like a baby when I have picked up a piece of steel at a black heat. My brain is just incapable of thinking what it must have been like for him. I seriously re
  15. Thanks for the earworm. Fired up the forge for the first time this evening. Too wide. It takes an awful lot of fuel to fill it up. Coal is fairly cheap, but hauling my barrels up to Norman to get more and then muscling them down out of the trailer isn’t fun. I will probably buy a third or fourth barrel. I may also make another pot at some point and just use this one for the times I work on thicker stock. That is one of the pluses of having a pot that just drops into the table. After almost a year without forging, I seem to have forgotten everything I had learned about how to mo
  16. If you mount it right, hammering doesn’t make nearly as much noise as you might think. Now the angle grinder you will undoubtedly buy later if you don’t have one already, that will sure let your wife and anyone near by know you are there. There are several posts on how to mount an anvil and lessen its ring. You seriously did get lucky with that thing.
  17. Except for the complaining part, I was thinking the same thing as Swede. But if the fingerless golf glove helps, just go with it. When golfing I usually don’t wear a glove, but have to wrap tape around my middle finger on my right hand and left ring finger. I get blisters there if I don’t. Two reasons to leave the handle alone are: you may not like the balance after putting a new handle in it and I’ve heard that sort of handle material transmits less shock to your wrist. No clue if that is actually true though.
  18. This one looks like it was made from one of the bolts they used on fish plates to link tracks together. Was it?
  19. My previous fire pot began life with a grate made of welded sucker rod. It took a long time, maybe two years, but eventually it burnt to the point it wasn’t usable. Rather than weld up another I began to just take bits of failed practice pieces and lay them over the hole as you can see below. I could get several sessions out of them before they needed to be replaced. In the photo, one piece is a terrible bottle opener I never wanted to see again and the other a chain link I had attempted to make.
  20. What steel did you use? If you have any bois d’arc near your home, I like that better than hickory. It starts out bright yellow, but with use it darkens into a very nice, golden brown. But, being a woodworker, I expect you already know that. Of course, even if you do have them near you, you wouldn’t be able to use what you cut for a year or so. They are best cut in Winter after the sap is gone. I cut it, split it, and then put it away till at least the next Winter. Wax on the ends keeps it from checking badly. It is one of the wood types that some people are allergic to, but it doesn’t
  21. My two-wheeled dolly has pneumatic tires as well. Total pain. Every time I need to use it I have to air up the tires first. Years ago I had one with solid rubber wheels, but I loaned it out one too many times. I replaced it with one with pneumatic tires. It is sort of nice having the extra cushion when going over bumps, but that doesn’t negate the irritation I get when seeing one of the tires is flat. I have something else I’ve always called a moving dolly. It looks like a small pallet with 4 small wheels. Anytime I ask my wife to “Go get the dolly,” she always asks me, “Which one?”
  22. Bubba, is it heavy? I made one from copper a while back. Looked cool, but the surface was too smooth and the entire thing was too heavy. My wife was never able to wear it because it would quickly slide off.
  23. Why do you want a square hole? If you are having it plasma cut, they could cut a perfect circle of any size you ask them to. If cutting it with an angle grinder, square would be easier than a circle. As for how you connect the tuyere to the pot, I will leave that for someone who actually knows what they are talking about. I think you are going to like the pot.
  24. Not technically the shop, but changed out a GFI outlet by the pool. The reset button had broken and popped out. Found the original owner had not understood the power in must go to the LINE side and the power out to other outlets on the circuit must be wired to the LOAD side. Now I am wondering what else he wired wrong.
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