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  1. I can forge weld, but am never certain if it is going to actually work. About a year ago I learned a set of tongs I never used because the shape just never suited me is wrought iron. I cut a small piece from one of the reins and folded it over and welded it onto itself several times. That was easy. I am a little worried about splintering when working on the wrought iron body of the hammer, but getting from the rods to a solid mass is something I feel won’t cause me problems, especially once I learned on another member’s recent thread about his hammer and that of JLP’s. I was concerned about cr
  2. Jennifer, What was your parent stock here, if that is the proper term.
  3. The storm blew down four fence panels. No fun for me today. Gotta get them back up. If not, one of the neighbor kids will find the pool and drown. It is a rough neighborhood for toddlers. 3 killed if 4 years. One drowned a block down the road last week. Last year a woman ran over a 3 year old on her tricycle. The 1st was before we moved into the neighborhood, so I am unsure what happened their. With the drowning last week, the owner was certain a 3 year old would not be able to figure out the latch. He was wrong.
  4. I agree that is the correct pronunciation. It just sounds wrong to me. Sort of wimpy. Coyotes are anything but.
  5. Sounds like the way someone from the city or Hollywood would say it.
  6. Coyote. How do you pronounce it? Kai-ow-tee, Kai-ow-dee, Kai-yo-tee, Kai-yo-dee, or the pronunciation used by those who raised me....... Kai-oat
  7. I have several 3/4” x 8” wrought iron, round bars. I’ve cleaned the paint off and will be soaking them in some rust remover I bought at tractor supply. If forget the name. I plan to more or less attempt to copy one Jennifer has done. What should my next step be, forge the round bars to square?
  8. I put on a respirator and scrapped it off. The red (well more pinkish than red) came off easily. The silver paint beneath wasn’t as thick and was harder to remove. It reminded me of the silver paint my granddad used to paint the propane tank.
  9. Since this is the Nickname Thread, my nickname in high school was Disco Don. I showed up to Ag class on day in a shiny red shirt. Some jack wad called out, “Why looky there! It’s old Disco! Disco Don.” It stuck till graduation. I really liked that shirt, but never wore it again.
  10. If not the son, then great grandson or great granddaughter. My great grandfather was a blacksmith. His kids sold all of his equipment except his anvil, which my dad still has.
  11. There are a couple guys in town who give lessons. One is just down the street from the Everything Welding & Safety shop. I have considered giving him some of my 2nd stimulus money for a couple lessons.
  12. Chris C, are you sure you have your forge set correctly? I thought one of the benefits of a NARB is hey are not fuel hogs.
  13. Didn’t quite follow me home, but the seven pieces of WI I purchased on eBay arrived today. All 3/4” round bars 8” long. Covered in some reddish-orange paint. Siti don’t know what I will use them for, Maybe forge square and then forge weld them into a hammer blank. Maybe draw them out and use them for handles for coffee measuring cups.
  14. Just be careful with your daughter. Make certain you know where she is in relation to your anvil at all times. My grandson was I thought safe. Behind me to my left about 8’-10’ away. Flying slag hit his eye.
  15. You want to see some ugly tongs that don’t even do what is needed? If I can find them I will post a photo. Yours look like a pro made them compared to mine.
  16. It isn’t off much. Is fixing it really necessary since it is a struck tool? You could probably fix it when putting a handle in it anyway. I tried to fix a crooked hole in a much smaller punch once. Eventually I gave up before the tool became totally unusable.
  17. Your suggestion about arborists is a good one regardless.
  18. Plant hanger ended up looking very nice. Would it be silly to put forged collars on after welding? Perhaps I should say after arc welding.
  19. Purcell? As in Oklahoma? I have a cousin who was an arborist in Duncan, Oklahoma until an accident put him in a chair. He and most others sold would on the side.
  20. Of course the thread was going to take off. It had wrought iron in the header.
  21. Cast iron throws of hardly any sparks. Cool improvised anvils. Unlike most, it looks like they come with something you can insert Hardy tools in, and they have handles.
  22. Man! Is there anything you can’t riff off of?
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