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  1. What is: Anhydrous Borax Granular Graphite Crucible Powder Deoxidizing Casting Flux Just anhydrous borax or anhydrous borax with graphite in it?
  2. I’ve been saving this water heater tank for a couple of years now to make a gas forge. The tank was half filled with calcium deposits. Measuring from the cut end to the weld line where the domed top is attached, it is 24” The diameter is about 16.5” I plan to cut the bottom off the other end of the tank to use as the back of the forge What is remaining from the tank cylinder, I am going to try to make a box blade for my mower, assuming I can reinforce it well enough. The tank was made from a much thinner gauge steel than I remember them being when I was a ki
  3. I’ve never had a clam. Fried or otherwise. Plenty of fried oysters though. As for raw oysters, nope. Not gonna. That Vibrio vulnificus is serious stuff. Kills one in five. Those it doesn’t kill often have to have limbs amputated. And you cannot tell the good clams or oysters from the bad ones. These crawfish boiled up really well. I haven’t had any crawfish since moving back to Oklahoma from East Texas. I have been missing them. Another thing I’ve been craving is boiled peanuts. I used to eat them all the time when I lived in the Florida panhandle.
  4. Probably won’t be able to forge today. Mud bugs. Laissez les bon temps rouler.
  5. Except for the cold anvil sucking the heat from the steel, I love forging when snow is falling. Start wearing multiple layers. Finish with barely a t-shirt.
  6. I bought a bottle of Iron Mountain flux yesterday. It was very spendy. $30 USD for a small squirt bottle. I only had time for one go last night, but is seemed to work better than my 20 Mule Team/Roach poison mix. It did not bubble and stayed where I put it instead of sliding off.
  7. 74 F isn’t too hot. Besides, I know a guy who knows a guy with a plasma cutter.
  8. What is the bottom leaf spring called? I plan to cut a hammer drift out of it. Other than that, who l knows. Maybe one of those large cleaver things they use to split hogs in half. The coil springs, once safely removed, punches, chisels, a drifts. This thick plates with holes in them, who knows. Likely just leave them in a pile for my kids to dispose of some day.
  9. I find an agreeable farmer who has bois d’arc growing on his place. I find a nice fat limb, remove it and cut it into manageable lengths to haul home. Once home I split it and coat the ends in paraffin (American sense of the word) or bees wax. I stack it in the garage for at least a year or longer. Very sturdy wood. Bright yellow when new, but a rich, golden brown after a bit of UV from the sun hits it. No better handle wood to my way of thinking.
  10. I enjoyed this one. It is a copy of the book in the Cornell University library. I believe it was free.
  11. Wrong medication or medication at the wrong dosages. The pharmacist likely should have caught that. It is their job. Causes death sometimes. Happy it worked out.
  12. Much of the entire thing was a slog. But if you keep digging, there are more than. pearls to be found.
  13. And the reason I stopped trying it after getting my daddy’s cast off drill press.
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