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  1. And it is easy and works fairly well. Go with pay pal.
  2. I also have these I could use. I could take the pipe my finger is on and cut it so it is shorter. Weld a piece of 1/2” plate to the top and bottom. The plate would have a hole the size of one of the smaller lengths of pipe. I would fill the outer pipe with sand before welding the top plate on. On top of that I would bolt the small plate with a hole in it to the upper plate. Bolt rather than weld so I can change hole sizes without needing to make a new portable hole.
  3. I am thinking I might use a couple of fish plates, bits of 4x4, and a 1/2” piece of scrap with a whole in it to make a portable hole. I am not all that great at drawing, but will try to post something later which shows what I am thinking. Basically, secure two fish plates back to back lengthwise. Drill holes in the corners of one end and tap them to accept bolts. The bolts will hold the plate with the hole in it. Around the entire thing, I will strap 4x4’s so it will stand upright. What about the rail anchors? I have seen the top one and the one below that, but t
  4. Did they help you to remember why loved the one you’re with?
  5. What about boots which help with plantar fasciitis? I have some $200 or so sneakers I wear during the week at work, but when I come home I put on work boots. After a few hours my right heel will be hurting pretty good. On weekends, by Sunday night I have to limp around.
  6. Working alone would certainly be less stressful. When you need to make a business decision you only have yourself to convince that your way is the best way. Profits have only a one way split, once the government gets their piece. No one to fight with over the music.
  7. Clean up? That’s what teens are for. My first real after school and Summer job was working in my Dad and my father in law’s shop. In addition to cutting flat bar and punching holes in it with an Iron Worker, my job was to sweep up every building. On my first day of work, I got a little lazy and swept some dust under a fatigue mat. I thought nothing off it, but a few minutes later, my Dad came up to me and told me to go sit in the truck. He left me out there in the truck all day. At 16:30 he came out and we had a very quiet ride home. When we pulled in the driveway he killed the truck, bu
  8. What about the railing? Is it solid or pipe? And have you ever posted photos of your shop and equipment?
  9. Evidently so. https://www.millerwelds.com/resources/article-library/the-hydrogen-problem
  10. Heck no. I plan to try it myself. As you learn new tricks, post them too. Even old tricks will be new to me.
  11. Alexandr, What materials did you use for the bathhouse fence?
  12. Someone on TouTube did a slow motion of an axe being used. I was shocked at how much the shaft flexes. Evidently it is really important to those using axes a lot. I thought I was finicky about shaft length, flex, and grip size and texture on my golf clubs, but my pickiness and tweaking is nothing compared to those using an axe all day.
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