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  1. You were supposed to drop by some time and give me some advice on optimizing my pot, Charles. When do you think might be a good time for that?
  2. Finished up the flatter. I will need to make another one. The face of this one is sort or smallish at 2 1/8” x 2 1/8”
  3. This is my favorite chandelier, Alexandr, especially the view from the bottom. In one of your other videos you showed a white exercise room. Do/did you box or do some other combat sport? If I were to send you a picture of an area of my yard, do you think you could give me an idea for an arbor there?
  4. Beautiful piece. It almost looks as if the wood pieces are floating or embedded in ice. Have you done any videos of yourself working? I wouldn’t be able to understand anything you said, but most of the time that doesn’t matter. JLP never really said a word in her earliest videos, or not the blacksmithing videos. She did have a ninja video which was pretty early in which she spoke. Mod, Can you delete the video I pasted in the quote. I was able to remove the photos, but couldn’t work out how to delete the video.
  5. Would the swivel allow you to spin a grill hanging from it? I am going to copy that chain on the left if you don’t mind. I rather like it. I am looking forward to see the completed table. Of course Russia is civilized. I wasn’t implying it is not. I was more curious if you have “big box stores” like Home Depot or Lowe’s and if so, what I would see lining the shelves of the tool department. Also, unlike most Americans who think the Allies won WWII because the US Army, Navy and Marines are the best of the best of the best (which they are, the Army at le
  6. Will the legs be steel or same as the top? It looks interesting and will surely look more so when complete. Why didn’t you fill up the smaller gaps with smaller branches? Do you have to buff it to make it clear, or does it set up that way? And a totally random question, what brands of powered hand tools are available in Russia, cordless specifically? My knowledge of Russia is pretty much limited to WWII and Cold War propaganda. I visited most of the countries in Western Europe in the early 1980s when I was stationed in Bad Cannstatt (part of Stuttgart). Travel to Eastern Europe wasn’t al
  7. Joey van der Steeg did a video on this.
  8. Ever played World of Tanks? I believe a croc’s teeth are still visible when their mouths are closed, while a gator’s teeth are hidden, or at least mostly hidden. As for my work beneath the oak tree today, almost finished with my flatter from a utility trailer, axle spindle. Punched the hole and smoothed everything out with a flap disk. Hole went crooked on me, even with the two guide holes I had drilled. Primarily because I punched and drifted the hole and then noticed something on the ends I should have cleaned up first. The hole collapsed and went cockeyed. I
  9. Did we ever find out what the blobs were?
  10. I didn’t know modern saw blades were high carbon. I’ve always assumed they were mild steel with carbide tips attached.
  11. The hammer is filled with 60 lbs of lead. I assume it would pack quite a wallop. I don’t really want one for drawing out stock. I need it because I don’t have a striker and it is often hard to hold a top tool, the item being forged, and the hammer all at the same time. I can work around that with a spring swage or a Smithing Magician, but not in every case.
  12. Gerald sent me the parts list and the contact info for the SCABA member, Rickey Vardell, who made his. Gerald said he bought the steel to make two hammers, which was how he paid Rickey to build them. Rickey made two and kept one. To compact the dirt, I will rent one of those machines that do that. More so than a hammer, what I need most at the moment is a grinder. I paid for the plans to build one, but have yet to begin.
  13. HIPAA is necessary but a pain. When it first came out most did not understand it. It was more Health Information Prevent Access Act than it was Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We would have clerks refuse to give physicians results of tests they themselves had ordered unless the patient first signed a release authorizing it. I’ve even had problems myself with things which are in no way a violation of HIPAA law. One example about five years ago concerned coverage of a procedure for my wife. I wanted to make sure it was covered under our plan. The billing department refu
  14. I definitely does not look like a hippo now. Too bad they didn’t give you more time. You could have made that thing truly fearsome. Speaking of hippos, many people in healthcare have trouble when asked to spell, HIPAA. The mascot for it used in training is often a purple hippo, leading people to think it is HIPPA.
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