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  1. It's really not bad at all. I have only been working with leather a few months and have really picked up on it fast. You can look up #cmaggardmetalworks on Instagram to see some of the sheaths I've been making. I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos, ordered some stuff and went at it,which is also how I started making knives and blacksmithing. 

  2. This was made from a 29 inch saw blade from a mill. Sparked like xxxx, and hardened up good. I gave it a good test on this board, and it did perfect. 

    I ebonized walnut, then sanded back the top for the handles. 






  3. Used a sanding wheel on a dremel to make the grooves. Boiled linseed oil. After that dries, I will put some johnson's paste wax on it, let it set about 10 minutes and buff it off. I have terrific results with boiled linseed on red cedar as well. This is a chef knife I did with the linseed oil, I did take this one to 1000 grit I believe. 


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