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  1. Haha well, using may be a bit interesting but it is great exercise moving them around..... Thank you gents. I picked up the big one on Sunday, haven't had the chance of using her yet. If I may ask for some advice... A question of the Brooks, the 2nd image, I see that it is missing an o. Is that very out if the ordinary?
  2. What do you guys think of my little hoard?
  3. $700 USD, roughly converted from the ten thousand Rand(local currency)
  4. theimi - Thank you, I have been looking to get new refractories for my kiln now for ages, never new of them, thank you very much
  5. The anvil is being sold for $700, so I think it is a good deal for this 450lb beast
  6. Good day all, I have contacted the seller of the Anvil and he sent me a few more images and a video of a ring/rebound test. May I ask what do you all think? The crack appears to be rather bad from these images however the rest of the anvil looks to be in good condition, in my limited opinion. On a side note, the seller also contacted me about shipping, so it would cost me about $86 to get it shipped to my house from him.
  7. Thank you very much for your advice, I have been thinking about this anvil on and off for the past few months, and it is definitely worth taking a look when i am on that side of the world again, if not outright organizing a trip around. When i have time i will organize a skype with the seller, thank you for the idea. If I buy it, worse case scenario i have a massive anvil that will be the pride and centerpiece of my shop.
  8. My country is fairly poor, our minimum hourly wage is currenly $1.5/hr. I am still at university, but a graduate engineer in my field earns about $8.67/hour. I estimated the shipping to be what it would cost me to drive there, it is about 860 miles from where I stay. Large country so that would be a normal holiday drive for me. That is a brilliant Idea. I will be sure to do so before i commit to buying. So.... Good buy? Would you do it if you were in my shoes? Here is a better image of the cracked area, I think it doesn't look to serious.
  9. Thank you very much for the advice. The anvil market is fairly pricey here, and anvils are few and far between, i paid about 200$ for my low grade anvil here. I honestly had no idea that the sway would be beneficial, it is the main reason for me coming here. I am also unfamiliar with that manufacturer, i had previously checked the Anvil Reviews by Brand and came up empty handed.
  10. Good Day all. I am fairly new hear so allow me to apologize upfront if this thread is in the wrong place. I am in the market for a new anvil given how my current working one (50kg/110lb) Groz anvil is a cast(steel allegedly) piece of crap with a soft face. The other anvil i have is an ancient mystery anvil that has been in the family for centuries. I am considering upgrading to this 203kg/450lb monster. What is your collective opinions on this piece? It goes for R 10 000 (700$) and allegedly is pretty good. Here is the link to the ad: commercial link removed A minor issue is that transport would likely cost me near 200$. Would this anvil be considered good quality and usable? Asking for a friend
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