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    Oh geesh. Lets see here... Guns, RC Cars, Computers, Working on Cars, Offroading (Jeeps), Woodworking, and soon Blacksmithing (Hopefully)

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Spent just shy of half my life in the military traveling the world. Currently getting ready for another stint as I also prepare to get into the wild world of blacksmithing. I know one of the first things someone's going to ask me is "What do you want to make?", my answer to that question is: Anything I can! But in all seriousness, I want to start off by making my own tools. Utilizing my experience in woodworking, I want to make my own tools, then I want to progress to making small blades/axe heads, and continue on to some sort of jewlery. (Or jewlery then small blades/axe heads) Looking forward to talking with everyone here as well as sharing ideas and projects.

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