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  1. I got around to brushing off the foot from the last page. There's a stamp on the side, all I can really see is are large letters OME and then below it is a faint diamond shaped stamp with what looks like outlines of some letters, but it's really really faint. On the left side of the front foot is T 85 and then on the right side I think is 365C7 Thanks
  2. All I can see right now is what looks like a "T" on the left. There's a whole lot of dirt/dust I need to brush off.
  3. Looking for help identifying this anvil. It's been in our family for 5 generations. We were told it was pre Civil War and that it could have been brought down from Pennsylvania to central Virginia before the war started. I can't clearly make out the stamp on the side. The spray paint is from my grandfather putting his initials on either side of the anvil. Thanks.
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