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  1. Hopefully I am on the right place. I just was grinding my blade and notice that the spine warped a bit and was wondering if I can still put the blade back in the forge to fix some issues.
  2. Hi, Hopefully I am in the right place for help. I seemed to not be able to produce enough heat off of my forge. I not sure if the psi is to low or my chokes are not set correctly. Here is a video to show the issue. broken video removed
  3. Hi, I am new and was wondering what type of oil would best for queching a blade. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I just started forging mostly knifes, what is the best oil to quench? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. It turns out that the regulator was bad, I bought a new one at my local welding shop and was able to start my forge. Thank you all for helping a noob.
  6. Hi I just bought a DFPROF2 + 1D"2, and it came with a regulator that's not made for the U.S.. I was wondering if anyone owns a Devil Forge in the USA and has bought a different regulator and so which one? I added a picture of the one that was shipped. 20180718_192225.mp4
  7. Thomas, Great analagy, I just thought I ask. I will contact a few welding shops to see what they can do.
  8. If my regulator has malfunction, where would I be able to purchase one?
  9. I am asking about bypassing the regulator and put full pressure plus volume into the pipe.
  10. If I wanted to by pass the regulator what would be the safest way to accomplish this?
  11. I will consult my with local propane dealer.
  12. Also, should this piece inside of the regulator be there?
  13. How long should I wait after turning the tank valve before the gauge can read pressure.
  14. John, I was able to successfully attach the propane tank to my gas grill and it worked.