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  1. I've looked at those, actually the shop I used to work had one and I enjoyed it. However the price it a bit of a deterrent. The Devil Forge model is about half the price. I'm aware that my time put into it could be seen as an expense. I'm also not so keen on the design. I think I'd like to lean more towards the round or oval design with a little deeper of a chamber. My primary use will be woodworking tools. Adzes, gouges, chisels, things of that nature.
  2. Long time lurker, first time poster here... I hope I got everything right with my location in my profile and such. Anyways, I'm moving from Wilmington, North Carolina to Seattle in about three weeks (will be posting another thread about that for any other Seattleites in the appropriate thread) and am hoping to bring a forge with me. I currently work at a welding fab shop/blacksmith shop so I have full access to the forges, powerhammer etc. With moving, I may not have that luxury at my new job (which I don't have yet ). Also time isn't on my side to build a forge. I have three weeks until moving and I have my entire shop I have to pack up. I would LOVE to build a forge, have been extensively researching Wayne Coe's model, but I'm afraid I don't have time. Any suggestions on a store bought one that I could modify and improve? I'm a full time welder with almost any tool and access to skill you can imagine, so that isn't an issue, just time. I was looking at the Devil Forge model DFSW. It's an appropriate size I want, $171 for the forge and burner. It looks like it's only lined with Kao wool (?) with open ends on both sides. I was going to then apply a castable (probably Kast-O-Lite 3000) followed with an infrared reflective product, Plistix, or Metrikote on top of the provided K-wool (are those used interchangeably?) (all per Wayne Coe's website). Then put brackets on the front and back to hold bricks that I can slide for adjusting the openings. A concern on this particular forge is the position of the burner pointing straight down and not tangent to the floor to create the desired vortex. Some people claim they like the hot spot to concentrate the heat on one spot of your material. I'm sure bar fights have been started about the topic. Please welcoming any advice, thoughts, suggestions, jokes... anything Thanks
  3. Hello,

    I'm interested in perhaps purchasing one of your burners, but building my own forge. What burner would be appropriate for a 20lb propane tank forge? aprox 580 cubic inches.


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