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  1. That bench one is close. The one I saw was a little bigger and was bolted to the bench on top and around bottom of hinge.
  2. Sorry, I should have stated in the original post that I didn’t think to actually save the picture I found. I have been looking for a bit now for it and can’t seem to find it again. Like trying to find a needle in a pile of needles.
  3. Hey everyone, went on a google image adventure looking at post vises and came across a post vise that didn’t have an actual leg but a bracket at the bottom that was mounted to a bench leg. It had a normal collar mounting system at the top. Anyone have any ideas what this was and where you would have the best luck sourcing one or is it most likely just a modified traditional post vise? Thanks everyone!
  4. Straight to the point here. How did you shape your Brazeal Anvil around the Stepped radiused areas? I have a few tools to actually cut steel but I wanted to know how those before me did it. Thanks guys!
  5. Actually, with the link you gave me that explained a good portion of what I wanted to know. Really just wanted a bit of history.
  6. Hey everyone new guy here looking to identify a Fisher I acquired because I know very little about them. Markings include a raised eagle, the weight stamp of 140, 1893 year stamp on back, and the Fisher name on the front of the base.
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